November 12th, 2008

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Proposition 8 is stupid...

...but y'all knew that already.

I honestly don't understand how anyone can support this proposition. It's not like allowing people the opportunity to marry who they want will take rights away from anyone else or change the meaning of marriage. Apparently it's ok for a man and a woman to get drunk, get an Elvis impersonator to say a few words, then wake up and get a divorce or annulment, but not for two men or two women who have been committed to each other for years to make vows and have them legally acknowledged. Clearly, in the eyes of California, the second scenario is the greater evil.

Now, I know for some people this is a religious issue, where they believe homosexuality in all its forms is morally wrong. But here's the thing: the religions decrying homosexuality also believe extramarital sex is morally wrong, and in denying the gay community the opportunity to marry who they like, you're essentially forcing them into that whole non-married sex thing. Even to the most pious, isn't it better to allow them the benefits of marriage, letting them bypass at least one of their "sins"?

I stumbled across this very poignant and passionate video of Keith Olbermann talking about Proposition 8, and I have to say, the man has more than a few valid points.

Collapse )Alright, that's enough politics for me for one day. I have to say, I'm once again incredibly grateful to be a Canadian citizen, where gay marriages are still recognized. I mean, come on, people. Love is love.
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