Anna (_ocelott_) wrote,

Odds 'N Ends

It's March. It's also -40. Someone needs to inform the Canadian weather that we're supposed to be warming up for spring now.

Saw Luke Doucet in concert last night. He plays much better when his hand isn't broken. No, really, last time he was in town, he had broken his hand and played the show anyway. That, my friends, is gumption. At any rate, good show! He plays a nice blend of folky pop-rock. Sounds confusing, but hey, it works for him. Canadian artists are awesome. Proven fact.

In completely unrelated news, how not to describe your heroine in two pages or less:

(Seriously, two pages of contradictory similes? Who published this?!? Were heavy bribes and/or alcohol involved?)
Tags: random nonsense, weather, writing
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