Brittney (_obstacle1) wrote,

"most likely"

i'm getting ready to leave work and go hang out. tomorrow morning at 7:45 a weird airport shuttle is coming to my house to take me to the airport where they will most likely take all of my liquids that i have and throw them away because i don't really know what is acceptable to have in your carry on luggage anymore. later i will arrive at a beach house that my aunt and uncle have purchased in a little beach town right outside santa cruz. most likely this will be the one and only time i "vacation" there because they most likely will forget that they own it and buy another one off the coast of some french island. they are stupid. apparently there is a balcony and just down the hill is a private beach. i plan to split my time accordingly and read a few books. i get home on sunday and school classes start on tuesday. this summer was really hot and very short.
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