Brittney (_obstacle1) wrote,

summer break?

there is a man in a cherry-picker (hyphenated word?) trimming trees right outside the window of the office at work. it is really scaring me because i hate heights and i'm scared that he will fall. just looking at shit like that makes my heart beat too fast.
today is my 5th day in a row working and tomorrow will be my 6th. i feel like 6 days in a row is too much time spent in one place. unless that place is somewhere great like the mountains or the beach or just basically somewhere that is not an air conditioned very beige office. i have been helping to decorate the "day camp room", where myself and about 30 kids will be spending most of the summer. we decided to decorate it in a pirate theme (not my choice) but it looks super rad because we basically built a ship coming out of a wall out of cardboard and construction paper.
i'm really hungry and i hope that i can go get lunch soon.
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