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do reggie and clare still post on here? [23 Apr 2008|11:47am]
i forgot i even used to write in this thing. i used to write really stupid things. i still do but not on here.

i have a sty in my left eye.
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[14 Nov 2007|09:31pm]
season 4 of project runway starts tonight and i'm really looking forward to it because usually there isn't anything worth watching on tv on wednesday nights. but i was also thinking about last season when bradley got voted off because they didn't like his cher outfit. i call bullshit on that decision because robert made THE WORST jackie o. outfit and vincent's twiggy outfit looked kind of fucked too.

also today our new supervisor started work and he is this young 23 year old history major who just graduated college. he's pretty attractive. i really do see myself potentially fulfilling my dream of having a crush on a boss. plus he brought his own "The Far Side" calendar to hang by his desk and i really do like that comic.
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"most likely" [15 Aug 2007|09:17pm]
i'm getting ready to leave work and go hang out. tomorrow morning at 7:45 a weird airport shuttle is coming to my house to take me to the airport where they will most likely take all of my liquids that i have and throw them away because i don't really know what is acceptable to have in your carry on luggage anymore. later i will arrive at a beach house that my aunt and uncle have purchased in a little beach town right outside santa cruz. most likely this will be the one and only time i "vacation" there because they most likely will forget that they own it and buy another one off the coast of some french island. they are stupid. apparently there is a balcony and just down the hill is a private beach. i plan to split my time accordingly and read a few books. i get home on sunday and school classes start on tuesday. this summer was really hot and very short.
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LIKE I SAID [11 Jul 2007|12:21am]
got run into a parked car on my bike by douche driving a WHITE hummer.
working ALL the time. NOT sleeping post work but drinking instead.
i can't wait to go to san fransisco.
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summer break? [22 Jun 2007|11:31am]
there is a man in a cherry-picker (hyphenated word?) trimming trees right outside the window of the office at work. it is really scaring me because i hate heights and i'm scared that he will fall. just looking at shit like that makes my heart beat too fast.
today is my 5th day in a row working and tomorrow will be my 6th. i feel like 6 days in a row is too much time spent in one place. unless that place is somewhere great like the mountains or the beach or just basically somewhere that is not an air conditioned very beige office. i have been helping to decorate the "day camp room", where myself and about 30 kids will be spending most of the summer. we decided to decorate it in a pirate theme (not my choice) but it looks super rad because we basically built a ship coming out of a wall out of cardboard and construction paper.
i'm really hungry and i hope that i can go get lunch soon.
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[22 May 2007|02:23pm]
My dad left me a note on my dresser this morning and all it said was:

Only a relative and fortunate few continue until the moment of death exploring the mystery of reality, ever enlarging and refining and redefining their understanding of the world and what is true.
I love you.

Then he drew a little smiley face.
My dad is sort of crazy and i love it. He made my day.
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[19 May 2007|06:22pm]
man, i'm pretty sure that my bike got stolen and that kind of sucks. but on the bright side i'm going to find a really good track bike and spend this summer riding a lot. but yeah, my bike...stolen? i've never had anything stolen from me before, except once someone took my wallet but it was actually returned to me a few weeeks later. so maybe my bike will be returned? i am not going to hold my breath.
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[08 May 2007|09:49pm]
i could have potentially gone out with a nice attractive guy tonight but i freaked out at the last second because i realized i didn't really know him and i the thought of how awkward and stupid i might act terrified me so i canceled. i told him the truth, that i was nervous, scared, freaking out, etc...he said he understood and suggested maybe going out with a group of friends (what am i in fucking 8th grade?)sometimes i feel like i'm 30 but sometimes i feel like i'm 14, like i did tonight. duude will i ever just get over it?
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? [30 Apr 2007|05:22pm]
okay so i didn't get into berkeley. apparently they had about 10,000 transfer applicants for the fall semester and that's the most they have had in some time....or something. i'm not too upset but at the same time i am. i wanted this pretty badly but looking on the bright side i still do have a chance at chicago. maybe this just means that my ultimate super opportunity is going to happen close to home and i don't have to leave to find it...or something.
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life [30 Apr 2007|12:07am]
so i find out later on tonight if i get into berkeley next semester or not. a few weeks from now i find out if i get into chicago next semester or not. i did find out though that i am a better bike rider than i thought. i already knew i could drink a lot but i found out that mixing the two doesn't really work in my favor. OH WELL LIVE AND LEARN. i've found that i've been saying that to myself a lot lately. i mean you have to mess up in order to learn what works for you and what doesn't and even though i feel like i've been messing up more than usual lately i'm LIVING AND LEARNING and one day i will have it all figured out.
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i just found this.... [25 Apr 2007|01:57am]
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i'm so gay [12 Apr 2007|03:11am]
tonight i:
got more drunk than anticipated.
fell in a hole in the sidewalk and hurt my knee/hip.
got rejected so hard!

all in one fell swoop. fell swoop.
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[08 Apr 2007|10:11pm]
i got wheat thins(?) and harry potter jelly beans in my easter basket this morning. my mom came over with her boyfriend. it's always awkward for me to watch him and my dad interact but they really seem to get along so, whatever. i ate dinner in my pajama shirt and since i forgot to get fake ham, i ate a bunch of green beans and bread. my mom did make me a vegan apple pie though and it was very very good. after dinner my mom left with her man, my dad left to go to his girl's house and my sister went to a movie, therefore i smoked a little weed and watched the newest episodes of planet earth on the discovery channel. i don't have class until 1:00 tomorrow because i was supposed to meet with my uncomfortably cute literature professor, but he canceled.
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technichally today [30 Mar 2007|03:32am]
there is going to be so much going on when i wake up later and i checked my horoscope and this is what i get:
"You will be very irritated by crowds of people today. Seek solitude if possible. Take yourself on an escapade, especially if you're in need of a change of pace. (Who knew that this much fun could require so much energy?) It's time to cool it down with a low-key activity."

fuck that wholly.
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opening march 28th [08 Mar 2007|10:45pm]
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this IS real [06 Mar 2007|08:37pm]
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[27 Feb 2007|09:47am]
You know whats a really good word? Twentysomething. Today while I was getting coffee this older lady reading the New York Times asked me me what a twentysomething like myself was doing up so early. Work I told her and then she told me I was too young to have to worry about something like work. I wanted to say I was too young to worry about a lot of things I worry about but I just smiled at her, put the rice milk in my coffee and left. Now that I am sitting her with nothing to do I'm realizing that lady was right, I should be at home sleeping or eating breakfast with my mom, not bored in an office! Since when have I become a grown-up? because I don't really like it anymore.
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oh hey [21 Feb 2007|08:58pm]
i've been really sick for about a week now, yesterday and the day before being the worst days of my life. i'm pretty sure i coughed up a little blood the other day but the doctor said it was because i was coughing so hard for so long. i've been living off 7 up, lemonade and rice so i think i'm ready to eat really real good food. i'm getting a shot tomorrow and not looking forward to it. i'm all caught up on shitty day time television and slyvia browne, my fave, and i'm home to watch roseanne on nick at night. basically life is just as real and boring as ever.
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[25 Dec 2006|11:33pm]
operating in a different time zone is really throwing off my sleep pattern, even though i have been here for 7 days, well actually 8 because it is 12:30 am here. it's about 20 degrees out right now and i've had the same thermals on for 5 days because it's too cold to change. um...i ate at soul veg for my birthday with my aunt and uncle and christmas was not that bad. i got cash money, but i decided to save more than i'm going to spend. i now own some knicknacks and few new leonard choen and soul jazz compilation records. i'm headed downtown tomorrow on my own and i feel like it will be good for me. it's weird because you can walk into most restaurants and bars smoking a cigarette here and alot of people drink hard liquor to stay warm and not to get drunk. if i moved here i realized that it would be really cool and i know that i could really handle it. for now though, i can't wait to get back home where it's warmer and hang really hard.
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[07 Dec 2006|11:53pm]
no more internet.
from now it will only be used on an as needed basis.
only real life from now on.
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