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obsession is... [writings of claudia6913]

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22 March 1980
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This is the writing journal of claudia6913.

I've decided to create this to house all of my fiction. Be it fandom based or not. However, be forewarned that I tend to write in an 'Adults Only' category. Please respect that and do not read if you are underage.

I know this journal isn't updated that often, and for that I apologize, but really, most of the blame goes to cafedemonde. See, she got me hooked on writing with her. We've been, for the most part, pumping out story after story of some really cool fiction. So, if your curious about all of that, you can either visit our website, writtenbyfates or go to the livejournal writtenbyfates. I'm sure you're bound to see something you enjoy there.

Fear not, however, for I am not completely giving up on my stories. I still plan to write, and am continuing to do so.

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