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..in elegant pink.

14 September
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~ I'm the one and only.
In heaven and on earth.

• Stage Name: Miyavi
• Formerly known as: Miyabi (means "elegant", btw)
• Position: Former guitarist and back up vocalist of Due le quartz, currently a solo
• Birthday: September 14th, 1981
• Star sign: Virgo, though I'm really a Pegasus
• Born in: Hyougoken, Japan
• Height: 185 CM
• Weight: 57 kg
• Favorite Color: Pink
• Cigarette brand: Formerly seven star box, but recently he's been aiming to quit
• Shoe size: 9 (US) / 27.5 CM
• Favorite artist: Me!
• Favorite brands: BA-TSU, Jean Paul Gaultier, Here-There, Beauty-Beast, and Gucci
• Favorite cologne: Dolce & Gabbana
• Luffs: chocolate cake, chicken, and inari zushi
• Hates: broccoli and tomato juice
• Admires: Toshiya of Dir en grey, Kazuki of Raphael and Kai of Gazette
• Cannot: go a day without hugging someone
• Wanted: to be a doctor before becaming a musician, 'cause it's very important to help people
• Hobby: soccer playing
• Piercings: three in the face (right eyebrow, left nostral, right bottom lip), six in his ear, and one secret piercing..mwha

~fake RP journal for peace_carnival~