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freedom of the mind

in the middle of chaos



March 13th, 2030

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September 22nd, 2013

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March 28th, 2010

hey there new life.

first of all nina and i arrived safely in japan, spent the first days mostly with getting everything organised (guesthouse, ID card, cellphones, internet and so on) and are now looking for work.

so far so good.

i'd love to start this first post of my working holiday with lots and loads of funny stories and all, but sadly right now i'm just very at a loss for words.
it somehow feels like time is passing too fast and i'm not able to catch up...ever since the final exams i was so busy with working and getting everything ready and spending time partying that i never really had time to think about the future and what was lying ahead of me. before graduation i always thought i knew exactly what i wanted, then when so many changes happened in such a short time i thought i'd find out now during working holiday and now that i'm here i somehow happen to realize that i have no idea what to do with my life. maybe you could call it an identity crisis.

my father told me he was afraid that living in such a big city by oneself might crush some people and i guess i understand what he meant to say by that.

it seems that there are so many possibilities and chances and choices to make, everything seems so surreal...i would never have expected to feel like that after barely one week.
but on the other side, as mentioned above, life changed completely and i didn't take the time for a little break...
i guess this feeling is quite normal isn't it?

i'm not exactly unhappy, just confused and a little bit lost and homesick as i must admit, but i'm still determined to make this year fucking rock! i just need some time to adjust, that's all (i hope)

+need a new layout! and must find a cheap acoustic guitar!
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