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MAN O MAN do I have crap to tell you guys!!


1. I haz a husband! Great pics on the book of face if you're a regular there (still there as Megan Houchins, so friend me, bitches!).

It went... pretty well, save for the Groomsmen of Epic Fail, who's well timed idiocy still has me thinking back to my own wedding and CRINGING over that horrific moment of NOT seeing anyone at the end of the aisle when the music started... Clearly, this is not the memory I had hoped to take with me through the rest of my days, but it's possible I won't always feel that way. Hope not. 

There were plenty of other wonderful things - Jules caught my bouquetm and we had an absolutely WONDERFUL reunion (save for her nasty bout of food poisoning). And I looked pretty fabulous, which was nice. A good long update on that (with piccies) to come.
2. I gave my official notice to my employer. SERIOUSLY. My last day of Cass-related irregular EKG's will be August 13th...
3. Which will be immediately followed that wekend by MY MOVE TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA.
I cannot type that sentence on this blog wihtout a certain foreboding. I have been trying to get the everliving hell out of Ohio for as long all almost ALL Y'ALL have known me. It is really happening this time. Why?
4. Because the afore mentioned husband (see #1) is moving to Florida on Sunday. Without me. For 8 weeks. His pharmacy store here had hours dramatically cut... and right on cue, a new service is starting in Florida that they wanted Jeff back for (filling scripts for patients levaing the hospital). So he starts on Monday. I stay here to finish out our lease and collect my August profit sharing @ Cass (which is too much money to ignore).
5. Jeff's other job is to find us a house in Florida while he is down there. The housing market collapsed there so badly we are not looking for houses priced higher than $75k. We found several for well below that when we went neighbohood shopping on our honeymoon.  Our monthly expenses will be so few that I WILL NOT HAVE TO WORK IN FLORIDA IF I DON'T WANT TO.
And I plan to work within a few months of getting down there - even if it's part time holiday season retail, or working from home. I also have a suspicion there are a couple client who would take me as a free-lance consultant for the short term. I am gonna start school on my nursing degree in January (ye gods, eductaion is cheap as SHIT in Florida).
So yeah. I am loving this.  Except for the separated from my newlywed husband part. That is hurtin like break-up pain in my chest. And speaking of my chest...
6. The booby fairy came to visit me. Let's just say I can no longer wear 1/2 my tops. Alas, though, that the new bosoms WEIGH more, and they have caused me to start developing a new keloid scar on my chest, because they pull at the open-heart scar. WTF. There is a rumor at work that I got a boob job. It's that 'WHOA!' kinda noticable.
God save me when I get pregnant...

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free at last

How to die well.

Saturday was the Race for the Cure Downtown - good ol' C-bus ohio hosts the nation's 3rd largest race - and we ain't no where near the top 10 bggest cities in the US. But we have a nationally recognized cancer treatment facility in Columbus (Ohio State's James Cancer Hospital). Cancer research is a big deal here.

One of our family friends, Jerry, is the husband of mom's assistant Liz at our church. He is a city trustee, and a reserve police officer since 1970 - working for the city, OSU, and other suburb municipalities. He (and many, many others) ALWAYS volunteer to work the race as a volunteer officer, so that the event doesn't have to hire city police for the event, and all the more money can be spent on research. No small change when there are 50k runners and 5 kilometers of downtown closed.

This year, just after the start of the race, Jerry had a massive aortic rupture, and the aorta completely separated from his heart. This is what killed Jon Ritter a few years ago. Since he was downtown, he was rushed to a nationally renown trauma hospital, Grant, where they were able to stablize him before emergency surgery. Columbus PD sent cruisers to pick up his wife and son, and they were able to see him before he was rushed into surgery

With what proved to be some of his last words, he thanked his wife for 40 wonderful years and told his son to not be afraid, because he was not afriad... I suppose technically, his LAST words were to the OR team performing the surgery he had a lass than 5% chance of survive ""ok, let's do this guys." The Dispatch wrote up a lovely article on him Sunday (link to web article below)

Mom helped perform his funeral this morning, with about 800 in attendance  - Sistergirl went to his calling hours yesterday and said the lines were out the door (a good 350-400 yards) for over 6 straight hours. Jerry lived to serve others - the kind of life that I think heaven stands up an applauds when it comes to an end.  he died as well as he lived, which I guess is no surprise all things considered.

Jerry married into the hispanic version of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding... and his siblings in law were inconsolable today. They considered him more than a brother, but a best friend. Every one of  the 6 of them had a separate story of how Jerry drove out to get them when stranding in the sub-zero whether of January in Ohio. ALL of them. And so did about 30 other, because Jerry was the AAA serivce to everyone he knew, even casually. He picked them up, diagnosed the problem, and often FIXED IT with spare parts FROM HIS TRUNK (only occasionally having to go back home to his garage).

The note that Liz AND Jerry wrote to me when sending their regrets to the wedding invite has been hanging on my fridge for about 3 weeks now - because damn, do they hate to miss a good party. When it comes to living, Jerry and liz can show you how it's done.

Lord, may I live up to the standard this brother set in life and in death. Amen.

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maternal FAIL

6 months ago

Mom: if you have an Ohio marriage license, I can marry you anywhere, becuase I am licensed to marry in the state of Ohio. We can go stand on the moon and everything would still be valid.

30 minutes ago 

Mom: Well, technically I am not ORDAINED in Ohio, just licensed to perform marriages and funerals. Your cousin Kathy just looked at the internet and it says only Ordained ministers can perform out of state ceremonies in Florida.

Me: well so? What are they gonna do? is someone goign to make an anonymous tip to the authorities that there are 2 Ohio people on a Beach in Tampa getting married with only an Ohio Liscense? Do you really expect the cops to come and break up the wedding???

Mom: I don't know! Maybe!!

Me: If worse comes to worse you can re-marry us on the back porch and sistergirl and Joey can sign it.

5 minutes ago

Mom: Ok wait, I just looked at my thingy and it says I AM ordained. I think we are all good here.

.... because really, I needed summat else to worry about today.

*calls up the wedding coordinator at Honeymoon Island anyway to confirm*
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free at last

cancer news - the little bastard relocated!

Well, we KNEW this would happen eventually, so I forbid everyone right now from excessively freaking out.
The CT scan results clearly show four 1/2 inch size tumors in my liver. Yep, 4 of them, one that is almost an inch in diameter.
In 2008, one MRI showed an unremarkable 2x3mm spot on my liver - the largest of the tumors found on the April 2010 CT is in the spot sort of seen in 2008.
Dr Kloos feels pretty certain that considering my history of MTC, this is where the calcitonin and tumor markers in my blood kwork are coming from. The tumor in my central neck (in the hollow left by my left thyroid gland) is just not big enough to account for the level of cancer found in my blood work. That tumor is not hurting anything where it is, and can be left alone without worry for another year, maybe two.
This is NOT unexpected progression for MTC, but it is the first proof positive confirmation the disease has spread outside my neck. But then, I have had cancer for 10 years. We knew it was gonna show up here eventually. It doesn't change anything, really - We still essentially do nothing unless/until the tumors start 'causing problems', in which case we just take them out.
Exactly what those problems might be, I am still not sure. Massive amounts of research will be googled this weekend, no doubt. The possibilities honestly range from 'absolutely nothing' to 'serious' down the road - so there isn't any real reason for alarm right now. This just means that going forward, we watch the ever-living frak out of my liver just like we do my neck. Annual, maybe biannual CTs and MRI's.
We will find out from today's blood work how my calcitonin looks and if anything else bears watching as a result - that won't be fore another 2 weeks or so, which means we just sorta sit tight, pray for the best, and have a great time at my wedding in 3 weeks! :)
Love you all bunches.
 - megs

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free at last

Better Days?


  1. Sistergirl is out of the hospital as of Tuesday – only to discover as they walk in the door the a water pipe in the master bedroom (second floor) blew, taking out the living room ceiling and closet below it. Other than the apt drama, she is recovering well from both surgeries.


  1. The honeymoon is booked – we are staying in FL and spending the week in Seista Keys, voted one of the 10 best beaches in the world. As much as I LURVE the ocean, I am looking forward to the sunk-in hot tub in the honeymoon suite just as much! J


  1. Picking up some of the bridesmaids dresses this week, along with more invite inserts – Sistergirl being hospital bound most of last week sort blew my time to finish up the handwritten 30 or so invites I have left to send out.  That will hopefully be done tonight.


  1. My birthday is tomorrow. 32. Jesus. At least there is fried rice in my future.


  1. I have absolutely MURDERED anything I have made in the kitchen lately. Everything has come out fabulous. How this happened I have NO idea – maybe I have finally turned the cooking with gas corner at last! THANK GOD. I was loosing my mojo.

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Updates from all over

1. Sistergirl went in for parathyroid surgery on Wednesday – they located one enlarged PT gland, but thought the others looked normal. Since her PTH levels dropped in surgery after removing the enlarged gland, they left the others hoping that one was the problem.

But her PTH shot up again yesterday, so she went back into surgery yesterday afternoon. The surgeon, by chance, realized that the other 3 PT glands were actually INSIDE on of her thyroid glands. In more than 4000 parathyroidectomies, he has never seen this.  

She was in recovery a long time because her blood pressure was very, VERY high – 160/115 at one point. Her Calcium bottomed out this morning to 6.3, and they are starting her on a drip now. Kidneys seem to be doing ok thus far.

My parents are a mess. Mom looks like she is about to stroke out… and honestly guys? Even considering her temporary high BP after surgery there has been NOTHING to freak out over her. And yet Dad is so stressed he is telling stories that don’t make sense and mom’s face is frozen and bright red. They react badly to any attempt to calm them down so I just shut up. Jeff mentioned that after seeing how mom & dad have reacted the last 2 days, he now completely understands why I won’t let Dr’s talk to them outside my presence about anything.

I am just tired.  I go in for my own round of CTs/MRI’s on Monday in advance of my next cancer screening May 7th.

2. My big project at work went live with no hiccups at all. I am worried all the same – I have done 20 or so similar projects before, but never 18 at once, with system edits we have never attempted before. We shall see…

 3. Wedding invites are going out this week – we dropped off the batch that had premade labels already, and the others I am handwriting go out tomorrow. 

4. Still need to loose 10 lbs. SHIT.

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free at last


I caught a travellers plague on the way home from Florida and have been off work 2 days. Can swallow, cant talk, and adding insult to injury, my mouth and toncils broke out in canker sore. LE UGH.
More updates on the semi-successful trip to Florida when I am feeling better - but engagement photos of awesome are posted to the book of face. :) 
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We're famous baby!!!! BBC FAMOUS!!

My darling Best Wench, Julesiepie (aka
[info]xyla82 ) , is all over the London papers today in recognition of her daring efforts to raise money for Cancer research!

the BBC, Jules! SQUEEEEEE!!

*is ded of excitement*

The metro has a nice piccy of us both - though the story morphed a bit to make my 7 ops sound like 'failed' surgeries, instead of just par for the course with the disease. heh.

But serious, is this not the coolest day ever????

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