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I'll do anything for love

but I won't do that.

don't forget me...
29 June
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Forever young and checking for monsters under the bed...

Name ♥ Daniella
Age ♥ 13
Favourite Music Genre(s) ♥ Riot Grrrl, Grunge, Punk, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Independant Rock, indie, goth, britpop
Favourite Movie(s) ♥ The Virgin Suicides, The Ring, Don't Say A Word, Carrie, IT, Girl, Interrupted, Kill Bill Vol.1&2
Favourite Band(s) ♥ Hole, Guns N' Roses, The Killers, Placebo, The Libertines, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Ruin, Jack Off Jill, Radiohead.
Favourite Season ♥ Summer - Oh the light....
Three Words ♥ Scared, Lost, Misfit

"May or June 1991, Jabberjaw, Los Angeles. A spur-of-the-moment show during the making of 'Nevermind'. About 400 lucky souls crammed into this dingy, dinky art space to sweat and stink as one. Every rock voyeur and band geek in town was there to hear, for the first, the songs that would be 'Nevermind'. The show was a mess, but, as always, Nirvana's wild but child-sweet spirit filled the room. I remember somehow deciphering parts of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Lithium' out of the noise and confusion and feeling overwhelmed. Nirvana were beautiful like no other." ~Eric Erlandson

Curse Words are Fun.
Made by toxicjellybean

Pumpkins are love life.

Radiohead is Love.
Made by toxicjellybean

GoGo Yubari is Psychotic Love.
Made by toxicjellybean

"the usuals", , 30's, 4 non blondes, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, acceptance, alanis morissette, alice in chains, alienation, america's sweetheart, anti-rascism, anti-sexism, art, ashton kutcher, audrey hepburn, auf der maur, babes in toyland, babydoll dresses, battle royale, belonging, bikini kill, billy corgan, billy pumpkin, bitch alert, blondie, blues, brittany murphy, buffy, california rock, candy, candy hearts, carole king, cartoons, clara bow, clove, courtney love, cyndi lauper, cyndie lauper, daylight, doll, doll parts, dont say a word, drama, emo, equal rights, erotica, eva cassidy, faeries, fear, female rights, femme, fleetwood mac, folk, frances farmer, freedom, garbage, giant drag, gothic, groupies, him, hole, homocide, incubus, jack off jill, jazz, jennifers body, jewel, jewles, josh harnett, joss stone, katie melua, kill bill, kinderwhore, kirsten dunst, kittie, kittyradio, kristen pfaff, kurt cobain, l7, lacuna coil, le tigre, leather, lipstick, loretta lyn, make-up, male rights, marilyn monroe, maryjanes, masc, metallica, models, monday, my ruin, nancy spungen, new wave pop, nightwish, nirvana, no doubt, norah jones, norma jean, pain, pj harvey, placebo, radiohead, rag dolls, rain, razorlight, red lipstick, reese witherspoon, rejection, rem, republica, retro, riot grrrl, sheryl crow, six feet under, smashing pumpins, smashing pumpkins, sophie dahl, soul, stevie nicks, suicide, summer, sunday, tears for fears, teddys, teenage whores, that 70's show, the chelsea, the cure, the go-go's, the killers, the kings of leon, the libertines, the pixies, the strokes, the virgin suicides, the yeah yeah yeahs, tiara's, tori amos, uma thermon, veruca salt, vintage, vogue, voilet