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И еще немного о Генри Форде

The Lateral Kingpin

Henry Ford, it is said, commissioned a survey of the car scrap yards of America to find out if there were parts of the Model T Ford which never failed. His inspectors came back with reports of almost every kind of breakdown: axles, brakes, pistons -- all were liable to go wrong. But they drew attention to one notable exception, the kingpins of the scrapped cars invariably had years of life left in them. With ruthless logic Ford concluded that the kingpins on the Model T were too good for their job and ordered that in future they should be made to an inferior specification.

Отсюда http://www.dadamo.com/B2blogs/blogs/index.php/2012/10/18/the-lateral-kingpin?blog=24

На эту историю ссылается Evan Davis в подкасте Bottom Line: Quality от 11 октября 2012

А вот в нашей профессии такая стратегия опасна.
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