_notahero_ (_notahero_) wrote,

What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Romantic partner? That some fancy way of sayin’ regular bunkmate? I ain’t got time for romance, flowers and candlelit suppers and holdin’ hands and all that carry on. Sex on the other hand…always got time for that. With us bein’ on the run most the time, tryin’ to live under the Alliance radar, settlin’ down is the last thing on my list of stuff ‘to do’ right now.

Well, okay, there was that time when I nearly gave up Vera to get myself a wife. But that was more because I felt it was unfair the Captain got given a wife when all I got was a gorram rain-stick. And you gotta admit, Saffron was one tantalizing prize, all soft smiles, and shy looks, and those curves of her…enough to make any man lose their reason for a while. Luckily it weren’t me that got that goodnight kiss of hers. I had a good chuckle about that. Turned out to be a real cold snake under all that warm flesh. Pity, I actually entertained marryin’ her for a few hours.

If I did have the coin, and the time and the gumption to finally take me a wife, well I guess she’d have to be a looker. I ain’t marryin’ someone I don’t care to look at or see naked, after all. She’d have to be willin’ to please me, and respect me. And I reckon if she knew how to protect herself and use guns that’d be a real turn on. And, of course, she’d need to be real frisky in the sack, and a good breeder. ‘Cause I’d be wantin’ plenty of sons and daughters. I reckon a couple of each would be good to start out with. I was the fifth son in my family and my mama handled us all just fine. ‘Course any woman I wed would have to measure up to her, and that wouldn’t be easy. So in the end, I guess I’d choose someone gentle and carin’ on the outside, but strong underneath.

And stupid enough to want to marry a húndàn like me.
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