_notahero_ (_notahero_) wrote,

When in your life did you feel the most alone?

What kind of fèihuà is this? I know I’m supposed to be writin’ stuff down, my feelin’s and thoughts and all, but guai, some of this is getting’ way too personal for my likin’. Bad enough I’ve got to deal with some crazy-assed witch on board who can poke her thievin’ fingers into my ruttin’ mind like she’s dippin’ them into butter or somethin’.

I ‘spose you’re all expectin’ me to dig down deep now and bare my soul to you, right? Think I’m gonna get all weepy and womanish rememberin’ the times I didn’t have noone to turn to? Or when my guns were the only things I could rely on, and it was like the whole gŏu cào de ‘verse was against me and determined to see me six feet under? Think I’m gonna start tearin’ up over all the times Mal nearly keelhauled my ass, or coulda thrown me out, or shoulda thrown me out? Or feel all sorry for myself because life’s a piece of gŏushĭ most of the gorram time?

Like hell. That’s what money and whores are for. So you don’t have to feel alone.
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