_notahero_ (_notahero_) wrote,

Chafin' at the Bit

When we were about to set down on Hespera for our next mission, I got some orders from the captain that had me marchin’ up to the cockpit to give him a piece of my mind. Zoe and Wash were in there too, which gave me a second’s pause, but then I went right ahead with my rant anyways.

"Why the guai am I the one who gets stuck with babysittin' duty again? Mal, it ain't fair. You're payin' me to be useful, so here's a strange concept for ya: Use me." I was fed up with the way things were playin’ out lately. I needed some action, somethin’ to do to get my mind off of other things.

Mal folded his arms and swiveled around all casual-like in the pilot’s chair to look up at me.

"What we're plannin' on doing today is a delicate finesse job, Jayne." He replied, as if that were all the explanation he needed.

"So?" I shot back, not seein’ the point he was tryin’ to make.

"Do I have to explain the word finesse to you?. It means 'requiring of a light touch'. Which, I'm sure you can understand, is something you are lacking in abundance." Zoe chuckled at that, and I shot a surly glance her way. Mal gestured for Wash to take the helm and start the landin’ process. He stood up and made for the doorway.

"Hey, I can have a light touch when I need to. I'm all with the different kinds of touchin'." I called after him, still frustrated by his decision. Mal quirked an eyebrow at me and his mouth twitched like it was wantin’ to smile, as though he’d heard me say somethin’ funny.

"And that's supposed to reassure me, Jayne?" He replied, tiltin’ his head to the side and regardin’ me with amusement.

"I think he was meaning he's a bit touched, Mal." Offered Wash, and I turned to glare at him.

"Don't make puns dear, it's not fair on Jayne." Zoe reached over and patted Wash’s shoulder, who shrugged and grinned at everyone.

"I'll touch you in a second if you don't keep your gorram trap shut." I growled, pointing my finger in Wash’s face and takin’ a few steps towards him.

"Nĭmen dōu bìzuĭ!” Mal shouted, and we all shut up and turned to face him. “The decision stands. Wash, Kaylee and Zoe are with me. We'll change into our finest threads and leave in an hour. Jayne, you stick with the ship, keep an eye on the doctor and River. Make sure they don't go wandering off and meeting the natives. Inara is conducting her business as usual and will be checking in sometime tomorrow. We've still got two days up our sleeves till we need to pick up the good shepherd from Denton, but I don't plan on anything fouling up this mission and delaying us any more than is necessary. Dŏng ma?"

Mal was givin’ out orders, but I could tell he was directin’ it all at me. Zoe and Wash nodded, and I gritted my teeth and did the same. Wasn't much point in causin' more of a ruckus.

One of these days though…

In the meantime I was stuck with guardin’ the ship and the Tam’s. It weren’t somethin’ high on my list of fun activities to do. But Mal was the captain, and for now, I had to follow his orders.

Didn’t mean things couldn’t change. Mal’d better keep that in mind the next time he lumped me with all the borin’ chores.
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