_notahero_ (_notahero_) wrote,

Trust Ain't My Style

I ain't got much use for trust, bein' a mercenary. Don't trust noone but myself, and I like that just fine. That way no one can let you down, or stab you in the kidney when yer back is turned. Trustin' someone is a sure fire way to end up bein' left for dead on some stinkhole of a planet.
My partner Stitch found that out the hard way. Kinda feel bad about what I done, but it was a decision I made when things were desperate. Lookin' back now, I still would've thrown him outta the shuttle before the $60,000 platinum loot. Guess that makes me a bad man, no gorram hero that's for sure.

I don't expect anyone to trust me. They'd be a ruttin' fool if they did. What I do, I do to survive. Better deal comes along and I'm goin' for it. Captain Mal knows that, he respects that. He bought my loyalty and that's what he has, long as it's profitable for me and all.

That said...sometimes I wish things were diff'rent. Serenity's the longest I've stayed anywhere. There's people on it I'd like to trust more.

But it's safer to just rely on myself. Otherwise I'm just openin' up myself to a world of disappointment.
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