_notahero_ (_notahero_) wrote,

What would you say was your most treasured possession?

I reckon most people who know me probably figure I’d pick one of my guns or knives as my most treasured possession. I’ve got myself some mighty fine ones too. Some of them’s got sentimental value to me, and have saved my life more times than I could count. Some of them are just a work of art to behold. Hell, I’ve even named some of them. Like Vera for instance. Beautiful, deadly, feels good in my hand…

And for the record there ain’t nothin’ wrong with namin’ a gun after a woman. I don’t give a hóuzi de pìgu what people think about that. ‘Sides ships get named after woman all the time. Mal calls Serenity a she, so it ain’t like I’m the only one or nothin’.

But the truth is, the one thing I have that means the most to me is somethin’ that ain’t got to do with killin’ at all. It’s the cap my ma knitted for me and sent me in the post. Keeps my head warm when it’s cold. It’s bright and cheery, and most importantly it comes from home. It was made just for me, and with love, and that’s what counts. I wear that hat, and even if I look like xióngmāo niào I know that I’m loved, that I got family.

I was willin’ to give away Vera for a wife. Ain’t noone getting’ my gorram hat.
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