_notahero_ (_notahero_) wrote,

Theatrical Muse Samples

What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

Just 'cos I'm a merc, doesn't mean I ain't felt the touch of cold hard fear before. Not that I'm some pansy-assed nuòfu or nothin'. But in my line o'work I've seen horrors what would make the hairs stand up on the back of yer neck, and stay that way for a week.

Had to think about it some. I reckon that Mal nearly keel-haulin' me on Ariel was just about the worse time. When I'd turned in the Doc and his fēng kuáng de sister to the feds, and it had all gone to gŏushĭ. Nothin' like the promise o'death to get the fear pumpin' in yer veins. Especially when you know it's 'cos of somethin' you done.

That said... I guess in the back o'my mind I always figured I could reason with the captain, get him to see my side and all.

Which ain't at all possible with the gorram Reavers.

They're the ones that give me nightmares at night in my bunk. Why do you think I keep all my guns on a rack within reach? I've heard stories about them, what they done to others. And I seen what they've left behind with my own eyes. I'm thinkin' there are worse things than bein' sucked out an airlock when yer about to reach atmo. The Reavers can't be reasoned with, they ain't human anymore.

That time when we almost got boarded by the wángbadàn? Probably the closest I ever came to crappin' my pants. Don't be passin' that around though, a man's gotta maintain an air of intimidation.
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