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15 October
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Yes, another icon journal, this one run by the insane and over-obsessive xx__whatsername, only this is a journal, not a community, so I'm not posting icons under that name. ANYWAY.

RULES (Yes, I have them. Deal.):

+It's a given. If you take, you credit.
+If you take, comment that you're taking, and what number(s).
+If you request, give me the image address, if you can.
+For requests, I won't do icons with nudity.
+Don't rush me, if you request, or I won't make it at all.
+When requesting, use this form:

Image URL (Or detailed description):
Color scheme:
Model icon (If you want your icon like another I've made):

There you go. If you can't follow that, then... o.O
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