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And the beat goes on

For the Boiler Shop.

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N Boiler House Commission

Here are pix of the latest commissioned build. If you have a project in mind please don't hesitate to contact. You can email custom order enquiries to zahkunst@hotmail.com

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Fuel and Utilities in place

Well you know I really haven't done much of anything on this mill hence the lack of posts. However, I did find the time to place the Fuel and Utilities where it's supposed to go. It however is in need of some weathering action. It at least shows my intention of a dual row of brick industrial structures approach much like the set up at Gary. Also you can see the similarities in architecture between the fuel and utilities in the close up shot and the previous journal entry prototype.

In other news for you HO scalers CMR is releasing a powerplant kit soon that will be quite a nice addition to any steel works. I am working on allocating a copy of the CMR Powerplant kit soon so stay posted:


Fuel and Utilities structure off to the left against the wall:

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Boiler Shop #1

My newest creation will be the Boiler Shop #1 structure. It has been designed based on modulars very similarly to the Utilities Plant and the Machine Shop #2 structure with a few aspects borrowed from each. The end facade was beefed up a bit from previous designs, and there will be 2 annex wings that jut out from the building.

That is like this:

There will also be a constant clerestory window bank above exactly the same as Machine Shop #2. This structure howver is a more medium sized one at 24" in length. The cost on this project was not bas as all the modular packs I bought were for $1.80 each.

Additionally, In the near future I will begin to create CAD drawings of the more major buildings I have built and add them to presentation sheets. Basic elevations mainly.

Structures I'd like to draw this way will begin with:

>Boiler House #1
>Blowing Engine House #1
>Machine Shop #1
>Machine Shop #2
>Boiler Shop #1
>Utilities Plant
>Pump House

Coke By_Products Phase 2

Phase 2 of a comission for a By_Products Coke plant N scale. This time it was intended to go a little more modern in construction featuring the appropriate gas washers and glass block windows throughout. Custom work inquiries to zahkunst@hotmail.com

Flickr account

Now I don't remember if I mentioned this but I made a flickr account which features my steel mill model and a host of others I have built for others categorized. That is located here and you can check it often as I upload new images every so often as projects complete:


Currently I am working on the Coke By-products plant part 2 which is mainly built from N Superior Paper kit brick buildings. As you may or may not know Walthers had these molded so that the frames and glass are all one piece, really stupid. But in stupidity and economics comes opportunity. The windows in this case are to be flipped reverse and sanded on the profile side to give a glass block appearance such as is typical for many industrial steel plant buildings. An example is located here in a shot of the Bethlehem Lackawanna plant I took about 4 years ago. BTW I LOVE this building. I'd buy it and renovate and move in if I could.

I'll post By-Product update images in about 2 weeks or so.

No. 1 Powerhouse Complete. Next Building.

The No. 1 Power House has been weathered and is completed. The next task is to tackle the open space to the side of it about 24" long. I have envisioned a 20' long brick structure along the same architectural lines as my large machine shop. Only this time it'll have 1 more story but still with the glass clerestory windows above. This way it'll blend in well with the large Blowing Engine House.

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Coke By-Products Plant Stage 1

A Coke Byproducts plant built for a client:

Most is kitbashed with the exception of the creme tower which was mainly scratchbuilt. As always contact zahkunst@hotmail.com for custom work inquiries.

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No. 1 Power House update

Got the second half painted and finished off except for weathering.

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Furnace "E" Cast House

Went to the store today and picked up a pack of plastruct .06 sheet to finish off the 2nd cast house rebuild. (Except for scribbing). IT didn't take too long. Maybe an hour or so. I was able to match the dimensions heights and widths very closelt to the original rework, the overhang in the front is about a 1/16" off but not noticable.

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