Rod Stewart layout in Model Railroader Dec 2010

The Dec issue of Model Railroader features the new additions to Rod Stewart's huge HO layout which features several new CMR buildings kitbashed. Many of them were not kits and done custom for that purpose.

I had built a few copies of them for a client and altered them a little from the originals or Rod Stewart Versions. I'll eventually add a video on youtube to go with my steel mill video in N.

Here's one example I had done for someone with the original Stewart building on the top and the altered version on the bottom:

From my flickr photostream:

"Original Waldorf Model pictured above as featured in model Railroader and Jimmy Kimmel Live interview. HO From CMR. My slightly altered version stands below in which I had to chop off 4 floors to get it to fit in the clients space. At the same time the top was altered significantly to improve the step back flow as it moved up the building. It identifies less as the Waldorf Astoria or the original model."

I had worked with Jeff at CMR to do the customization on their end to shorten the building a bit in the computer.

More Power

Ok scratch that last thought. I decided to try a slightly different arrangement as per the Shops at Gary. I switched the longer Machine Shop #2 with the other Boiler Shop/Foundry building for what I believe is a better arrangement and proves to be closer in respect to the arrangement of these structures at Gary. It looks a little less crammed for one. The two building now share a very similar relationship with each other including a track that runs clear through both of them connecting them in the line.

The "Boiler House #2" I absorbed back into the Power House #1 structure which seems to fit rather well and makes the thing even bigger at 600' in length or 45" total.

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STAKO system installed

Got the STAKO horizontal truss system installed for the purposes of having more piping go along the side of the Powerplant #1 structure. Plus I am adding the image from Bethlehem Lackawanna that I had in my mind when I was re-building this particular scene.

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Power Power and more Power

Well I decided to move one of the blast furnaces to create more of a view to the massive Powerplant #1 structure rather than hiding it. The results are pictured below with still some Stako metal systems for carrying piping to be installed. This is kind of a throwback to Bethlehem Lackawanna's plant where there was a considerable distance between the clusters of blast furnaces along the high line.

PLUS CMR just released thier powerhouse kit in Ho which may be of interest to some for those who are looking for a nice powerhouse for their plant. I attached an image below of one I just completed for a client. Be aware though the kit costs about 370 million dollars.

Furnace E & F Furnace Stoves

Time to start the work on adding detail to the stoves for furnaces E & F. Prior to this all the items were there just about, but all as hodge podge of separate elements. So I adhered everything to a sturdy base and made catwalk/stairway connections, pipe connections, basic fixes to broken parts, and so on. All new items can be seen as either white butyrate tube, white styrene, grey styrene, or brass. The grey styrene tube is the cold blast main which will still have to be connected to each individual stove. That piece came from the Walthers HO Blower Engine House kit as I have 2 of these for the Boiler House # 2 rebuild. The old Boiler House #2 was sold. Hasta La Vista...Baby

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