i'm my own fucking scene

20 September
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this is where i bitch, because i don't do it enough out loud
7 year bitch, 764 hero, adema, against all authority, against me, alexisonfire, american football, anti-flag, apoptygma berzerk, apotheosis, aqua, arch enemy, armor for sleep, athornforeveryheart, atom and his package, atreyu, aus rotten, b52's, bad religion, barenaked ladies, beck, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, betty's trash, black flag, blind melon, bob dylan, broken social scene, chemlab, chumbawumba, circle takes the square, coheed and cambria, cradle of filth, creedence clearwater revival, deadsy, deathcab for cutie, deftones, dillinger escape plan, dinosaur jr, dope, eighteen visions, elefant, flybanger, funeral for a friend, glassjaw, godsmack, green day, hepcat, hey mercedes, him, hoar, holy noise, hot water music, iggy pop, jack off jill, jane's addiction, jimmy eat world, jj72, kill hannah, killing heidi, killing joke, kmfdm, kurt cobain, ladytron, led zeppelin, lost prophets, meat puppets, megadeath, metallica, mighty mighty bosstones, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, monster magnet, morbid angel, morcheeba, most precious blood, mother love bone, mudhoney, mudvayne, mushroomhead, my chemical romance, my ruin, new pornographers, nine inch nails, nirvana, norma jean, omar santana, otep, pearl jam, pigface, placebo, poe, porno for pyros, postal service, professional murder music, queen, ra, rachel stamp, rammstein, red house painters, red light sting, retardobot, scooter, seabound, sex pistols, silverchair, silverstein, skinbound, skinlab, skinny puppy, slaves on dope, soft cell, stiff little fingers, streetlight manifesto, suicidal tendencies, suicide machines, switchblade symphony, tapping the vein, taproot, tears for fears, the clash, the dismemberment plan, the doors, the smiths, thrice, twisted method, underoath, van halen, vex red, violent femmes, wizo, zeromancer