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Killing flies

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This journal was born because I needed to share my addition to Harry Potter (and Severus Snape :), although I do not shy away of other fandoms like Star Wars, Death Note, X/1999 or LotR. Anyway, I'm mainly a fanartist, although sometimes I also try fanfiction, icons and several stuff. I suppose I like to create... with several degrees of success, I'm afraid. XD
Of course I'm also an hungry fanfiction reader, love to debate and to comment, and discover new things. Be friendly and open-minded, and we will get along.

My native language is Spanish, although I tend to write my posts in English. You can use both. ;)

And be aware, this journal is slash friendly, so if m/m bothers you, RUN NOW. I'm an adult, so adult matters may be posted, too.

About friends, I'm quite honest. If I friend you is because I think you are interesting, or we share common interests. I would love if you friend me back, of course, but... if not, that is right. On the other side, if I de-friend you is because I've found myself skipping over your entries, please don't be offended.

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I trust Severus Snape

mikazuki's snupin comic!

Slytherin is cunning love
by _bloomed_