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_no_future's Journal

_born to BRUISE
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abandoned buildings, androgyny, angst, anorexia, art, band aids, bastards, bauhuas, beauty, being different, being overdramatic, being prettier than you, being pretty, being shallow, besty, bikini kill, biology, black, black eyeshadow, black nail polish, body modification, booze, boy nipples, boy sets fire, boy touching, bright eyes, candy, cats, cigarettes, computers, covenant, cynicism, daddy, daisy chainsaw, dead or alive, donnie darko, download, eating disorders, emo, empire records, erotica, espresso, eyeliner, eyeliner boys, fairy lights, fisherspooner, fishnet, freaky dolls, front 242, garbage, geek, gell pens, genitorturers, girl interrupted, god, goteki, goth, goths, greenday, hairwax, hot goth boys, hot prison man sex, icon of coil, insomnia, jack off jill, japanese fruits, jars of clay, judging, le tigre, lenore, lip gloss, london after midnight, lords of acid, make-up, makeoutclub, manipulation, marilyn manson, morrissey, mp3, music, my ruin, napster, narcissism, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, nonuglies, otep, oz, perfect, piercings, placebo, platforms, playing the piano, plumb, poetry, portishead, powerpuff girls, pretty boys, pretty girls make graves, pretty people, psychology, rasputina, religon, run lola run, rusty zip, sarcasm, saves the day, scarling, science, self pity, siouxsie, six feet under, sleater-kinney, slyvia plath, smut, snake river conspiracy, sneaker pimps, stars, stockings, suicide, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, t-rex, tattoos, the cure, the smiths, tolkien elves, trying too hard, twiggy, uv lights, velvet goldmine, veruca salt, vinyl, vomit, weed, wicca, witchcraft, wolfsheim, writing, x-men, your mom, zombies, zwan