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There's nothing wrong with a little heart on the sleeve.

But you destroy the canvas that make's you beautiful.

My name is Insecurity
9 June
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I like Mittens
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-I love ska-
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-My journal is friends only-

Hi i'm Brittany (Bizzle) Let's be friends
♥I like to swing dance at punk shows

♥I'm loud.

♥I like to speak my opinions, if you get me started.

♥I like to mosh/skank/slam dance.

♥chances are if you're going to be a dick face and expect me to like you..i won't.

♥I like what i like and if you don't like it and try to change everything about me..fuck you.

♥I can be a bitch when i want.

♥But i can also be very nice:).

♥i like shopping carts.

♥ i love to dance

♥i like skinny guys in tight clothes.

♥i try to help my friends as much as possible.

♥I like to drink fucking Kool-aid.

♥i don't like chicken.

♥I like bowling.

♥I live for air hockey.

♥i like the 80's.

♥i listen to pretty much everything.

♥I hate people that judge you on the bands you like..if you don't like what they like..then they'll make fun of you.

♥I don't like how music has taken a backseat to style.

♥i like laughing.

♥i like dancing to *Nsync at 5 in the morning while getting the cops called on me for the noise.

♥ i like thrift stores.

♥I also like the mall.

♥I love school.

♥I love music.

♥I am fifteen years old

♥I love writing.

♥I hardly talk on aim.

♥I'm trying to make this as long as possible.

♥I can be a pushover but when i've had enough i'll let you know.

♥I have a habit of hitting people.

♥I get sick easily.

♥I love ska.

♥I like Punk.

♥I like emo.

♥I like Indie.

♥I like Rap.

♥I like hip hop.

♥I like country.

♥I like it all.

♥I can live on mac & cheese alone.

♥I was born in PA not new york..yes i am a hick and i have no problems admitting that.

♥I used to live in an abanded house..

♥I dye my hair constantly

♥My whole family is insane in their own special way.

♥I love going to local shows and supporting local bands.

♥I love meeting new people.

♥I love sports.

♥overall i love swimming.

♥I have a weird obsession with Daniel Radcliffe.

♥and an even weirder obsession with Beck

♥and the weirdest obsession with Justin Pierre

♥I love using Loreal kids for my hair.

♥I love BMX.

♥I love color.

♥I am not going to impress you

♥I am not original and i have no problem addmitting that.

♥I love wasting as much money as i can at dollar stores

♥ Chances are when you first meet me you will not like me

♥I'm shy when you first meet me which leads some people to believe i am "antisocial" i'm not..i'm just shy

♥I have 10 piercings,5 holes in my left ear,an industrial in the right and one more in the right, my lip,and my eyebrow.

♥my friends call me bizzle so you can call me bizzle too

♥I like when people give me piggy back rides..if you want to win me over give me a fucking piggy back ride.

♥I am not hardcore.I am not emo.I honestly don't know what i am.I like ska old school pop different types of rock and rap..try fitting that into a little neat fucking package

♥i'm a sarcastic asshole.

♥I'm terrified of spiders,snakes,and the dark

♥I Try to Avoid mirrors in the afternoon as much as i can,i only look in mirrors at the beginning of the day

♥I don't care if i don't capitalize all my i's, put a space after every fucking comma or spell certain things right,so don't correct me on it.

♥I don't care if you think my room is messy, hell i'll just tell you My room is messy now get over it.

♥I Love Old school video games like Sonic the hedgehog,Super Mario brothers,and Pac Man.

♥I pretty much hate any type of bug, i'm a total girl when it comes to bugs.

♥I love heights, i like being high up and looking down.

♥I live for the Fresh prince of Bell Air, if i could marry any show it would be that one.Either that or Laguna Beach.

♥I do not Smoke,or drink, but i do not call myself straight edge

♥I cannot climb fences to save my life

BUT I can climb trees

♥Word searches pretty much own your soul

♥I can fit into the dryers in my apartment building, so every now and then i waste some time in there

♥I like to disco dance in my Elevator.

♥I love long drives.

♥Big truck, big truck, i've got a big truck

♥ I usually ALWAYS wear a hoodie, because i'm usually always cold.

♥I know the whole dance to "Cotton eyed Joe" and i'm very proud of it.

♥Chances are if you're a guy and i like you i'll be stuck on you for a while, that's just the way i am.

♥No, i have never grown out my bangs and i will not grow them out until i want to.

♥I write with my right hand, and catch/throw with my left.

♥ Ray Charles holds a special place in my heart

♥ If you call me"The Bees Knees" I will love you forever.

♥Powerpop owns your life.

♥Yes i love dinosaurs too but please try to lay off the "omg rawr dinnooo" thing because chances are if dinosaurs were still around, you would have been eaten. Have you guys learned nothing from Jurassic park?

♥I've been known to throw the word "love around" but i'll let you know when i really mean it. No joke, i will STRESS it to you.

♥Yeah okay the Nightmare before Christmas is good, but i'm not obsessed, it was my favorite movie when i was 8, sometimes you just have to learn to let go.

♥ I love cheesy songs from the 50's and 60's, i love to dancedancedance to them.

♥If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
why don't you go where fashion sits,
Puttin' on the ritz.

♥ The End.

I love Daly's gone wrong:

-I love my friends-
MicsRx4Swinging: where's henry gonna be
RIFRafLIKEWoah: with the black man

Black Gate 101: im black
Black Gate 101: back*

Me-but you're not a virgin
Amanda-well my lips are....you know what i mean.

{Ms.Curto-They were dropping like flies!!!}
Gabby to me-i thought she was gonna say drop it like it's hot.

Emily-Tomorrow's not your birthday...it's the penis convention

Alanna-So if Fatih went to that place he'd be Hije Fatih Salim
Fatih-It's a prefix
Alanna-oh so it's Hije Fatih muslim

Alanna to mr.Sullivan-so they didn't wear pants?
Mr.suillivan-...no..they didn't have the technology...to make..pants.

Me to laura-have you ever seen men in black with the big grasshopper alien things that yell wanga..it's so funny
{me and laura start yelling WANGA)

Marc-i can take you to the candy shop
Meg-stop it marc no one wants to lick your lollipop

Costa-Do you have a bathroom?
Me-no my mom doesn't believe in them.

MicsRx4SWINGING (1:38:44 PM): are there black people in ohio?
MicsRx4SWINGING (1:38:44 PM): hahaha
B4NG bang BANG (1:38:46 PM): nope
B4NG bang BANG (1:38:50 PM): only on water towers

Will and Ari-kelly you think everything's taking over the world

Zoe-We should find a big gardrail and just write a long sentance about butts....HAHA BUTTS!


Patrick Stumph from Fall Out Boy

Kristopher Turner

Dirty heads

Jesse Lacey From Brand New

Matt Thiessen From Relient K

Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack


Ben Jorgensen from Armor For Sleep

Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat

-These are my favorite movies

SLC punk

Bang Bang you're dead
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bang bang you're dead is love

Made By: x_crabby_x

The Little Rascals



my pet!

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