(need some lovin')

This will be my last entry, oh happy joy.

The sun's coming up, and the Hedah's going off to bed.

She's covered her head and won't get up until next Sunday.

In other words,


Maybe I'll get another livejournal soon.


For the new and improved Hedah with patented parabolic curves.

Alright, linernotes__.

Typepad looks quite fanciful, though.

Poof and bang. -->3
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(need some lovin')

Sorry, sorry...

I'm sad to announce that I'm doing my first-ever, awful friends cut.


I'm not very good at these kind things.

Due to my own time constraints these lovely days, I no longer have time to get to know those of you who add me, and that makes me a very sad smurf. Keep in mind, I *do* want to get to know you, so if the feeling is mutual, I'll keep you on and feed you cheese and crackers. <333

Comment please, if you'd still like to stay on my friends list.

(P.S. I'm a wanker.)

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(need some lovin&#39;)

Friends Only

Yep, that's right. I'm going friends' only. Why you ask? Because of security issues, I really would prefer if sneaky eyes kept themselves out of personal thoughts. Mind you, I would love to add you--just ask. :D Please comment, and you shall be added. Thanks. :D - Heather
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