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09:03pm 22/05/2006
So I've been having the best time and I owe it all to these guys.
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11:09pm 09/11/2005
  ps. hi everyone.  
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10:57pm 09/11/2005

I want to be in a B-grade Horror film.



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07:59pm 02/11/2005
mood: restless
im so frustrated with everything at the moment.
help me!
i bought starwars monopoly today!!!!!!!! best thing i have ever bought seriously, it makes me soooo happy. but i have no-one to play with. :(
i leave for the coast in 21days.
until then i'm working fulltime at Gj's.

Today 'go sushi' rang me up for the position at Pac Fair. i went to Carindale for an interview and they gave it to me straight away. It will be an okay job i guess, i hope somewhere else rings me up though i'm kind of over working with food.
I've had too many coffee's today and i feel ill.
i want a kitten. they understand.
I feel like im wasting me life.
tell me im not.
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11:21am 23/10/2005
A customer yelled at me for 5mins . Because the only straws we have at the moment are the ones with the scoop on the end. He attacked me personally.
Seriously wanted to either stab him in the jugular with the straw or cry.

Tired is an understatement.
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vitamin c is good   
08:22pm 12/09/2005

i had a massive weekend went to riceys 18th friday night then went out with mel. funtimes.

then i pretty much made myself 432895174 xsick but decided i would still go to mitchs on sat. glad i did. more goodtimes and a few photos.omg computer is being a fag. gtg before it dies.here are some photos yo. ♥xxxxxxxxxxx3499999999999999999998uifwhejciorxjpCollapse ) that has to be good for you.


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what a shambels   
06:41pm 03/08/2005

Im 18!!!

IN other news.
boredCollapse )

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10:37pm 21/07/2005
  OKAY. so my little sister has this tamagotchi, which is like a rip off from the markets. i dont know why she bought it.
and im pretty sure no one knows how to work it.
for the past 3 days, ever 5mins it makes this bell sort of noise. like 'ding ding ding'
you cant stop it!. i swear its driving me crazy.
dont get me wrong i like tamagotchi's generally.
but this monster, it doesnt sleep. like you cant turn its light off and make it sleep it just constantly beeps.
ding ding ding
ding ding ding
at 2am in the morning.
ding ding ding.

i think im going to throw it out the window and hope it gets run over by a car.

fuck it just went off again.
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07:35pm 11/07/2005
  ive made alot of bad decisions lately.
ive been a jerk when i never intented to be.
im sorry if ive hurt anyone in anyway.
i love all my friends.

i think i may have the worst luck.
or maybe i just need to accept that its all my fault.
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herro i am so rownree.   
01:31am 01/07/2005
mood: crazy


its 2am in the morning. and i can't sleep. i made a little picture story id like to call it "RAPTOR" for no apparent reason. you can read it, but its pretty much a waste of your life. really it is. 

quote of the day-
"that is the greatest thing i have ever heard anyone say about anything"


RAPtor!!Collapse )</p>
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11:57pm 31/05/2005
mood: sore

you were meant to destroy the sith
not join them.
you were meant to balance out the force
not leave it in darkness.

.. i hate you!

you were my brother.
i loved you!


in other newz....Collapse )</font>


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10:06pm 22/05/2005
mood: amused
i never write in this shit anymore.

a. i never reach that level of boredom as much anymore.
b. i like posting pictures but im always too lazy to put them on photobucket and all that other junk.
c. my lifes pretty average atm. work. sleep. ps2. net.drink. go to shows.
d. starwars ! omg. love it. went to midnight session. and if u dont or think im a jerk cos i do love it well fuck u.
e. best line in a movie ever. "can i get any of you cunts a drink?" ?(shaun ofthe dead).
f. go see "crash". good movie also.
g. i havent seen some people in way too long.
h. i have to move out in the next 2 months or so. i need people to move out with! if u are serious about it. email me.

.love. maria.
.lj is still better then myspace.
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07:07pm 20/04/2005
mood: amused


Today I-

-i got my phone back from the insurance company.......... fuck yer.
-dropped out of my uni course. but its okay, im going back next semester. just hated to death the course i was in.
-bought a sick pair of shoes.
-bought new tunnels for my ears. cos i lost one sat nite. : (
- re-newed my learners. haha yer i suck probably wont have my liscense for like 48127590431 yrs.

Plus + +

- last nite my netball team shotgunCollapse ) WON. yay. but thats no biggie cos we always do. because we are elite.
- i drink
goonCollapse ) from a glass because im real classy.
- love these girlsCollapse ) and this shirtCollapse )
- and does anyone remeber a cartoon called rainbow starbrite. anyway she had some super cool horsesCollapse )
 thats all.. [love]{love}(love)

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07:07pm 04/04/2005
mood: artistic

"im pretty sure my livejournal is dead", she said. Yet she continued to write in it, under false beliefs that someone actually cared.

.......................................................Collapse )

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12:46am 12/03/2005
  it doesnt matter what they say
ive never felt more alone and insecure then right now.
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close my eyes. just for tonight.   
06:29pm 24/02/2005
mood: crazy

uni starts monday. my class is full of nerds.

photos.Collapse )



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04:30pm 01/02/2005
mood: content

hair..Collapse )

i got bored thought i would take some photots of my hair before i change it.
i love sleep.
i dont have to work until friday. thank god.
had an awesome weekend.
<3 maria..

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01:18am 29/01/2005
mood: contemplative

its like 3am. finished work 2 hours ago
and i start again in like another 2.
fuck yer!
i figured i just wouldnt go to bed cos i know me. and i wont get up again.
rage is an awesome time consumer. except when they play a series of shit songs.

'as i lay dying' better fucking be all ages. or im going to punch someone in the throat. or something.
i want to go so bad. i wish it was august already.

i tried to look up in the net but there are no damn details. except that its at the arena.
so if anyone knows. please let me know.

people suck tonight
fuck off!

edit* the spazzys are worse then shit.
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it dont matter   
07:19pm 27/01/2005
mood: annoyed

this is my first time home in 3days. ive been living at charlottes house while she had days off work.
i was meant to be having a bar trial at manfreds in the valley tonight. but i decided i didnt really need
another job and maybe i was too tired to go to the trial. either way he said i can always have a job if
i need it. the owners kinda scare me though. they have bad rep.

shannon and brett came around to chars last nite to have a few drinks.
i bought a camera.
i enrolled in uni.
i got out of saturday nights close so now i can go to simmys 21st. yay.
but it means im working until 1am tomorrow night and then..... i have to open the store on sat at 5.50am!!!!
that will be fun.

stiflers mum and subwayCollapse )

love maria

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07:40pm 05/01/2005
mood: tired
i bought a YOYO today.
its green. and it will own your soul.

5am starts sucks so much right now.
fall asleep at 2am and have to get up 3hrs later.
cant be good.

char gets back on saturday.. yay... but..
i cant go to her house that night for drinks.
because now im working til 1am! and.. i have to open the next day.
ohh the joys of work.

louie if you read this. i have no credit.. haha yes i suck.
hope your having a ball.
will msg you when i can though.

i will have a sexy new digi. soon.

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