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WGM: YongSeo Ep32_2

toe hurts. ='(

dahhh...My toe hurts! It's been hurting after that Bio trip.
I told my mum few days ago and just realise that my toenail was growing inwards and into flesh. My mum had to cut bits of my skin to cut the nail sticking into my flesh off. I swear, it REALLY hurts. I was screaming and my sister was just like " Eh? WTF?!" And when I told her about it, she didn't give a fuck and just simply replied " Oh..."

And Bio coursework is killing me softly. I've decided to take a break from it today and do some bio hwk and the stupid essay. I need to revise for the upcoming Maths test. Half term isn't that enjoyable. =(

No one is seeding me on JPOPSUKI. I want that DOUBLE - Shake single. Sho sang one their songs for his solo in some concert, think it was 1999...and the other DOUBLE single has like 3 seeders but I can't freaking connect to peers.

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