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Having at least one interest in common is preferred :)

I don't really use my LJ as much as before, just for communities, so if you really wanna talk..
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WGM: YongSeo Ep32_2


Hi LJ....

Haven't posted in FOREVER, because I just don't have the time and Twitter is so much more convenient :P
Follow me @tartsmile if you haven't yet. hehe

Anyway, point of my post is to release one of my frustrations over the past MONTHS concerning my FANDOM (yes.. I know, fandom. Too much probs in my personal life anyway so don't even want to talk about it here.)

My fandom..concerning...DBSK.

Ok so at first I was like Ok nvm, I'm pretty sure even if the lawsuit is in favour of SM Ent and JaeChunSu looses, in some way or other, HoMin will eventually leave SM and join the 3 because they have always ALWAYS said they would love to be together till the end as 5 members, DBSK.

But...few months later, when theres new on about more of their solo activities AND the announcement of JYJ and even A CONCERT, I started to feel very uneasy. I decided to not to think about it and to kust keep my faith...


IM GETTING TOO DEPRESSED LOOKING AT JYJ FANCAMS. FUCK IT. And I don't think HoMin actually wants to even reunite anymore. Thats coz till now, only JaeChunSu has somehow viewed their opinion on the fact they still want to continue as DBSK, but HoMin? NONE. And i do not believe SM is telling them to shut up and not say a word. If Suju members liek Heechul can talk about Hangeng on his cyworld and if leeteuk can say Hangeng's name on PUBLIC TELEVISION (on music bank), WHY CAN'T HOMIN? Unless they don't want to say anything which is the thing that is worrying me....I mean, I'm a Yunho fan and I've always believed that no matter what happens, judging from Yunho's personality, he would do anything to keep the group together. I have always though of it that way, but I really don't know now.

I actually have this feeling that HoMin doesn't even want to continue as DBSK anymore. Or to put it in another way, Yunho and Changmin wants to stay with SM to continue DBSK, but JaeChunSu wants to leave, thus disagree in view...and so..THIS HAS HAPPENED?! Ok this is only my presumption. I know that I should really want till the truth comes out., But then again, DOES THE TRUTH EVEN COME OUT IN THE ENT BUSINESS? I presume not.

So arghhhhh I really don't know what to feel anymore. I think I need to accept the fact that DBSK has broken up just that they haven't officially announced it YET. The chances of JaeChunSu reuniting with HoMin is becoming....impossible. The longer it takes for the lawsuit, the harder for them to reunite. And the more plans that JaeChunSu have for themselves, the harder HoMin can join them again....

DBSK has been my BIGGEST FANDOM EVER in my life since I started fangirling (um..back in the w-inds. days was the first era lol) and so I really REALLY hope that they are still together after this. I just hope for it. I've always said I will keep my faith with the boys, but its really hard to do that juding from the current situation. Just..whatever happens, I just hope all 5 members are HAPPY. I think I will be emo for at least a year or so IF DBSK does really broke up, and I'm actually mentally preparing myself for this day, incase I FAINT from the news.

DBSK, Saranghae T_T
p.s. if i see another clip of Jae crying again, I SWEAR I WILL WAKE PPL UP coz I will be sobbing like crazy. DAMN IT, JAE </3

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Um...hi LJ?
I haven't updated in ages, mostly coz I'm really busy with my job now.
I'm now in auditing so you probably know why. I'm so fucking busy, DOn't get off work till very late and hardly get weekends off. I GET TODAY OFF THOUGH! But working tmr. Yes thats a Sunday... And I don't get extra pay for this. Just that there are so many deadlines.

SO my point is... I don't think I will have time to update my LJ much anymore. I will be going to communities and commenting on ppl's post if I have time though. But I don't think I'm gonna update as much as before. If you haven't added me already on facebook, do so!! I am always on facebook though ( I go on at work occasionally) or you can add me on msn: urpaininthebutt@hotmail.com OR find me on youtube and soompi @ tartsmile :)

I hope everyone is well and BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! :D


p.s. I LOVE C.N. BLUE !!!! O and Hyunah's Change is so good too. heeh (trying very hard to update myself at the moment).
WGM: YongSeo Ep32_2

You're Beautiful



DIrecly from Soompi thread:
A story about the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group. Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hong Ki are in search of a new member for their idol group. However at the last minute, the member suffers an injury and his twin sister has to step in disguised as him.

Story/Background: (courtesy of yeohweping)
Park Shin Hye'll play Go Mi Nam (male) & Go Mi Nyu (female), a pair of twins who ends up switching places when Mi Nam gets into an accident after being selected as 1 of the four members of a idol group. Jang Geun Suk plays Hwang Tae Kyung, a village boy turns idol star who is constantly at odds with Mi Nyu. Lee Hong Gi plays Kang On Yu who is the lead singer of the group. Filming'll start after the final member of the group is found. In the SBS drama 'You are beautiful', Uee is playing the role of "Yoo He Yi", the 'national younger sister' who has the nation's love since she was young and worked hard to become a top star

Cr: sayroo @ Soompi

Collapse )

I'm really bad at writing reviews so....GO WATCH IT HERE BEFORE YOU REGRETTTTTTTTT :D

I'm hoping the rest of the drama is like the first 2 episodes. If it is, then TADA! DRAMA OF YEAR 2009 IS DEFO THIS!.

all pic credits to viikii and soompi :D
gif pics credits to 13infamyss @ soompi

WGM: YongSeo Ep32_2



coz of uni and other stuff
(and also a note to self everytime i go on lj to get my ass off and do sth productive for once)
i shall return in mid dec, i hope.
like when x'mas hoilday starts.

But I'll leave guys with sth me and my friend though of again when we were very bored on msn. haha

this time.... Collapse )
Anyway, that's all guys. Good luck with everything and I shall be back spamming your inbox i.e. commenting on your entries soon.

Much love,

p.s. It's going to snow on Sunday I heard, which is really weird. Snowing in November in UK? It usually doesn't snow till like Mid december. LOOK WHAT GLOBAL WARMING IS DOING?! =(

p.p.s  I LOVE YOU JUNG YUNHO WAKKAKAKAA Ok I'm going now. *goes back into her hole to do reading*
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In other news, 4 DAYS TILL AYU'S CONCERT IN HK!!! CAN'T WAIT! Eventhough i know i got shit seats. :(

I can't believe a young 22 boy needs to rely on sleeping pills on usual bases to get sleep. 6 sleeping pills is normal? Are you kidding me hyunjoongie?  :(

WGM: YongSeo Ep32_2

Overdose MSG = ALLERGY for me.

I think I had overdose MSG in my lunch yesterday...and then I got allergic to it. Thus now my gums and my lips are swollen. It's better today but it was seriously really shit during lunch. My gums were all numb and cheeks were boiling hot.

I'm so thankful that my face didn;t swollen up. Before going to bed last night, I was praying that I won't get a swollen face or something. And if I do, I'm not going to work. But yea anyway I'm at work now and my allergy still isn't getting much better...

So solution is, I'm going to have to see the docs when I get off work if the allergy doesn't get better / recover by end of today i.e. after work.

I can't believe I'm actually allergic to overdose of MSG. O_O. First thing ever I'm allergic to...
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Will edit later with a more coherent comment...like when I get off work XD

actually, nvm. I'm too ito watching olympics to make a decent comment about the album. It's just soooo bloody good, k?

WGM: YongSeo Ep32_2

bye bye JE?

I've finally decided to face the fact that I'm really no longer interested in JE anymore, not even with the exception of Arashi. Ok I still love Sho Sakurai alot and a few other JE guys like Jin and Toma....but thats about it. And even if I love/like them, I'm not obsessed with them nor do I stalk fansites or clubbox for their stuff. I think I'm just bored of JE now. lol

Like I heard One Love by Arashi, and I actually didn't squeal like I always did before. I just simply went " Ok nice song." Put it on my i-pod, never listened to it once. Actually I feel like a really crap fan now but I just lost interest. *sigh* Honestly speaking, I mostly listen to Hyori and F.T Island on my ipod these days. hahaha  And its like, you can't force yourself to be obsessed when you really aren't anymore, right?

So now that I've decided to face this fact... I want to sell some of my JE stuff. Not all, coz I still love Arashi crack, just not obsessed anymore. DOES ANYONE WANT JE MAGAZINES? I have ALOT. lol. Talking about magazines, I also have alot of JUNON ones from my w-inds. fandom back in the days. Does anyone want them too? I'll probably have to charge a bit though coz when I got those magazines, they were $$$! And also like...in order to fund my KPOP obsession. :P I mean srsly, look:

August 8th - Big Bang 3rd mini album!  (ALSO OLYMPICS OPEN DAY! I SWEAR TO GOD THAT HONG KONG SHOULD MAKE THIS DAY A PUBLIC HOLIDAY! It's special enough, no? I mean its in Beijing and Hong Kong is part of China. I don't want to go to work. kaka)
August 23rd - F.T Island 2nd album!
August 27th - DBSK 4th album!

Like..WHY ALL IN AUGUST? T_T And I'm really tempted in getting Hyori's Hyorish album coz its so darn good. Deary old dear.....

Anyway, saw this photo on soompi and it made my day:

I enjoy dorky big bang. :)
and aww TOP so caring for Baby. XD
But srsly check out SeungRi's face when he falls. Its hilarious! God I'm such a bitch. XD

Ok back to work. lol 

p.s. I think I might make my journal Friends Only soon. Just a feeling that some people are reading my journal and I don't know them. Don't get me wrong, I still want to make more friends but no one wants to be friends with me. *goes emo*
And a new layout. I want a more summery (is there such word?) one!