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a stab at discontent

17 October
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me.jason. j. jay. i prefer just one letter j. have an amzing fashion sense when i'm not at school. school is cua (catholic university of america) in washington d.c. fully pledged republican. bigger eagles fan then anyone i know with the expection of my grandmom. voted for bush. emo as all hell. a great writer. owns a white 70s prom jacket and a silver curtain jacket. is a legend at nazerth. has a great girlfriend that he loves, who thinks the paris hilton is in Las Vegas (the Paris Hotel is) & who contemplates her underwear mood each morning. listens to music on I-tunes. majors in Politics, to try and change the world. rarely goes to class especially if it rains. has watched mean girls seven times (twice in theaters, thes rest on dvd). plays madden like it's his job/major. is cooler then ice. has seen nsync, hanson, yellowcard, the format, something corporate and jackosn browne in concert.

music. gray lines of perfection (shout out to mike). mae. emery. dashboard. the early november. relient-k. fall out boy. starting line. yellowcard. afi. aklaine trio. jason maraz. the track record. dont look down. ben's fold five. so co. weezer. posion. journey. less than jake. and many xs 150 million more.

friends. banan. j-rob. john. bob. gigi. britt. meggo. vito. natalie (gnat). coll. dennis k. sammi. frank. steph. kath. and countless others. love you all btw

movies. zoolander. mean girls. empire records. the producers. office space. footloose. mall rats. hook. chasing amy. jay and silent bob strike back. 8 crazy nights. alex and emma. saved. beetlejuice. apollo 13. and many more.

hobbies. AIM. Itunes. Efedding. Music. Acting. Writing.

background. born and raised in philly, northeast to get specific. only kissed 6 girls in his life. 4 of which where girlfriends. parents are carmen and sharon. has a cell (ask for the digits). participated in mun, theater arts and toastmasters at his highschool, father judge (RED and BLUE gonna do it to you).

journal. talks about a lot of shit. don't start drama. update some or you wont be kept as a friend. friend cuts come when im bored or angry.

quotes. "never believe in anyone who's never belived in anything at all". "i dont want to be perceived the way i live, i just want to be perceived the way i am". "you are such a lose!".

the girlfriend. anna lynn elizabeth conzelman. banan for short. or boyshorts if you are me. i love her. she is amazingly cute when we are both tired at 3 AM on the phone togehter. she says things that make me laugh all the time. i love her soooo much.

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