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a stab at discontent [entries|friends|calendar]

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the end... [27 Jan 2005|06:24pm]

_nightoutx_ you have served me well.
I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

this is why. [26 Jan 2005|09:29pm]
2005-01-27 01:50 (link) Select
well let me tell u this..u sucked in All the Nazareth plays!!!!
(Reply to this)

okay...with this comment being placed in my journal i will be moving forward with plans for a new livejournal, that will be freinds only.

if you said this, thanks i take crictism well.

ta ta for now.
8 // I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

the rant. be very, very afriad. [26 Jan 2005|12:25am]
so this will cover a variety of issues streaming from the ever addicted drama bitches of nazaerth academy, whom all of like three did a really, really bad job on stage crew to the worst show on tv : sex and the city.

first to the nazaerth girls no will no doubtly see this. i am finished with all of you, excpet a few who are my freinds. please dont bring me up in casual conversations or better yett talk about how your brother will beat me up and then talk about how he is a sissy and crying cause he fell down the steps. if you continue to talk about me, what happens is a product of your decisions not mine.

secondly to anyone in high school, i dont care about your problems and drama. if i want to know i'll ask you, dont tell me. that is all.

thirdly im done with all of you seriously you all have worn me out except a few, im tired of the questions, the pointless IMs, everything. i dont mind having conversations but hi and whats going on wanna know something convos are now gone. have one with me and see what happens.

fourthly sex in the city sucks mega ass. seriously it paints a world where sex and money are like growing on trees, when in reality neither are. the only reason it was on was because hbo was smart enough to realize if a horrible show like freinds can make money so can that. this is my opinon im entitled to it, i understand that for some reason people love this show and i can deal with it. truth is i think they all should get better jobs, except the one with the brown hair she is hott.

and laslty this journal will be gone within a week, a friends only journal is gonna start up so you better get a lj if u dont have one.
6 // I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

because we can all copy and paste [24 Jan 2005|10:58pm]
( girl who think her brother will get in her buisness and beat me up )
aka cat72087 )

fyi:college students should stay out of highschool students buisness and get their own life....i mean really it is time to move on...
get a life
get some friends
and forget about the highschool bullshit it doesnt concern u

disproving this one lame point at a time:

first we shall adress me having a life. the defintion of a life is a living being, especially a person. considering i breathe and have through processes, that makes me a person and a living being and that makes me have a life.

get some friends. in case you didn't notice but i have a large group of friends even a girlfriend. my freinds routinely comment on this journal and i rouinely hang out with my freinds whether it be my spellman five friends or my philadelphia friends.

that doesnt concern me. you are calling me a hair moneky...clearly that concerns me.

so there.
sticks tongue
out like
a sixith grader.

in other news i, jason carfagno, was called a front runner, called a fan who roots for his team when the go to the big dance. i almost killed the kid that said that. i can name four HBs and five starting QBS.

1. Brian Westbrook
2. Hershell Walker
3. Charlie Gardner
4. Ricky Watters

1. Bobby Hoying
2. Ty Detmer
3. Randall Cunningham
4. Ron Jaworski
5. Doug Pederson

so there!
5 // I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

[24 Jan 2005|06:23pm]

some people are just losers, they are just out to pick fights with people
they are just trying to act tough when really there insecurites are worn like a heart on their sleeve or a black eye
some people make conflicts because they seriously think they are gangstas espeically when they realize they need to "front" to be anything worthwhile in life
some people dont fight back because they know that no matter what they will be right and you will be wrong gangsta or should i say g

just a comment though. nothing big.

what did i to deserve
5 // I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

caught in between 10 and 20. [24 Jan 2005|01:23pm]
i dont even know what im trying to say with this entry so excuse me if it jumps from points without a blink of an eye.

people get annoying sometimes, i mean they really do, they come to people with problems that people don't care about, yet help with anyway. and that's okay i have no problem helping with problems when i can, but when the problem is something that i can't help with, when the problem is something only one person can slove such as "who should i take to prom?" or "should i do this?" or "should i do that?". they're all on you. you have to make some decsions in your life our you aren't yourself and your are faceless and everyone likes a face. im also tired of people over analyzing their lives. there doesnt need to be an answer for everything, their really doesnt. i mean i question shitt but not all the time, sometimes you gotta roll with ther punches.

if you comment it might get deleted depending on what you say. just to warn you know.

english class was really cool.
I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

sorry forget this in the last post... [24 Jan 2005|12:46pm]
i hate these eagles fans that said we wouldnt make it this far and now are coming out like they said it all along.

also if you cant name at least four differnt hbs and five differnt starting qbs for the team you are not an eagles fan. question me ask me and i'll do it.
I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

pushing my back... [24 Jan 2005|12:38pm]
so last night we get asked to do a favor by our R.A. Scuba Steve, that's just what we call him, they needed people to go to our athletic center because alllll these people were sleeping there, and we got there kind of late and jon and owen to of the guys that i hang with where drinking like at 3 and as soon as we get there some girl is like "you two reek of alchol" and we are like okay so what were not drunk it's not like were drinking here or anything. so we went about our business and did what we needed to do and during our tenure there the fire alarm got pulled by a punk ass highschool kid who was too cool for his own good, we didnt find him so no harm no foul. but at the end of the night me, owen, jon and joe (joe is the nicest most die hard nondrinker/nontroublemaker ever) got accused of pulling the alarm from some bitch R.A. from the other southside building. so we drive back to spellman and we are talking to some girls as we return the keys to the car and we get a call that our R.A.s want to see us. so we go in there and it turns out they got calls from like four differnt people saying that owen and jon reeked of alcohol and shit like that. it was fucked up, scuba had to write them up, it's just fucked up that this one bitch at the pro life thing had to say it to everyone.

that was my night last night. today wasn't all that much better, i went to my 9 o clock class found out i was cancelled, after i showered, got dressed and was awak i found this out. so i come back take a quick nap, had a dream that yellowcard came to hang with me at a college that wasn't cua, went to my politics class learned about russia and mexico revolts and stuff then came back here and now im waiting for a few mins to head over to english. i'll leave in a few. ttyl.
I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

what i like. [22 Jan 2005|05:51pm]
what i like are people who stick to their words and promises and deals.
what i like are people who when you want to talk are availiable to talk.
what i like are people who dont do something that hurts them in the long run.
what i like are people like that.

what do you like?
8 // I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

you & i collide [22 Jan 2005|11:30am]
last night was pretty fun/crazy. we had bill slurpping up coke from the table, faux lacoste RAs in the room, almost getting into fights, six pizzas, jedi academy, the ashley simpson show, newlyweds, 68 year old boxers, cool people, annoying people, cleaning lady fuckers, blackjack, doubling down, asshole and so on and so forth. all in all it was a good friday night.

[sidenote] i was told to grow up last night, that was truly funny, especial since the person that told me to gorw up (one of the joesph's) still acts like he is fucking three years old. but hey.[/sidenote]

last night are nights i will miss if i transfer. what i wont miss, not being home for snow and the eagles. go birds...the cool birds, not the birds who are overrated because their QB thinks he is a HB.

well im out.

p.s. if you are a friend of anna lynn conzelman, she should not be playing in the snow or going out, she needs to get better!!
I'm The Worst Liar I Know.

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