I will be extremely clear:

Brett Kavanaugh is a person of evil moral conviction from a rapist culture, and likely has committed sexual offences.
"Boys will be boys" is never an excuse for assault, rape, misogyny, sexism, or terror.
These people who do the assaults and the people who support and defend them are all part of the problem.
They are all guilty of enabling and creating a culture that attacks women with impunity and puts white, rich, abusive men in positions of power and impunity.
There is no ambiguity here.
This culture must be destroyed.
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"...if sheer righteous fury could accomplish anything worthwhile, wolverines would have inherited the galaxy long ago."

(Crown of Slaves, David Weber & Eric Flint)

Don't just get angry. Change things.

Card only? No thanks.

Another shop tries to ensure I won't use their self-service checkouts: the Co-Op has disabled cash on their existing self-service checkouts (at a local store), and is installing new self-service checkouts that are card only (at another local store).

It's not that I don't have payment cards; I have half a dozen of them with plenty of spending power, thank you very much, because I'm financially secure in this society and I live here.

I object to card only: cashless is regressive on foreign travellers, on the poor, and on anyone unfortunate enough to have the third party in the transaction — the card issuer who doesn't care about the transaction happening — decide to decline.

I will continue to pay cash at the Co-Op and I will rate their service on whether their staffed till is fast, no matter if there are self-service checkouts free. Let us see how that goes.


Travel in the future

The ICE train that I am riding in, which looks rather like a spaceship designed by ferrets, has just entered the Netherlands from Germany.

I only noticed because my phone received an SMS saying I was now roaming in the Netherlands, and the quality of the German on the signs visible from the train has sharply deteriorated.

I love travelling in the Schengen Area. It's like travelling in the future.
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BAe 146

An entirely loathsome airport

I have made the mistake of arriving at London Stansted Airport 30 minutes earlier than necessary. Stansted continues to be a most unpleasant place. After an enforced circuitous walk through the retail maze one arrives in the "departure lounge", a space where most of the floor area is rented out to even more retail establishments.

The remaining seating space is entirely full; in fact so are all the food service shops with seating except the odious "Halo Fizz Bar" with its overpriced offerings of sour Champagne and signs warning of seating only for those wishing to engage in conspicuous consumption without even a veneer of good taste.

If the land transport infrastructure of Britain was not entirely insufficient in all ways I would not even be in this crass commercial meat grinder, but instead in some airport less repellently extractive.

I hate this airport and everything the grasping little shits in the management of Manchester Airports Group have done to its since they took over from BAA.
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Value for money

The WiFi on this Thalys train works as well as WiFi on the Thalys train I took a few days ago: very badly. It doesn't work at all, one can sign in but not fetch any web pages.

They have many signs saying it's free, but it's worth what I paid for it: nothing.

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