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tuberculosis update

no more coughing up blood since I woke up, fortunately. maybe I'm not dying.

Barcelona in twelve hours! Inspired by this page, we have decided to take skates... particularly since our hotel is a couple of miles from the town centre, down a very long, very flat promenade by the beach. Sweet :-)
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Plague day 6

I think I may be one of the lucky ones. Plague has receeded - I feel human again, apart from a lung-wracking cough.

On my way to work yesterday, a man with a bell and a cart full of bodies pushed past me. He was trying to paint something on our front door. Weird.
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I wonder...

how does one plant seedless grapes?

I am ill. With Avian Bird Flu. Possibly SARS. My head keeps spinning round and round and every time I cough I have splitting headache.

Have just booked a holiday, though - going to Barcelona for four nights, leaving a week today!

Anyone have any suggestions for things to see while we're there?
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(no subject)

ugh, I have ill. Evil, bubbling cough ill, with achy joints and swimmy head. I hope I'm not coming down with the flu.

Also I hope the weather holds up, as Hazel and I are meant to be going climbing here on Friday, and there will be no friction if it rains.
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why I like camden

Sunday afternoon in Camden Lock, pouring rain, stalls cooking weird pots of bubbling ethnic stuff, people huddled under tarpaulins, canal clogged with discarded litter. Days like this, Camden has a strangely post-apocalyptic urban shanty town vibe about it. One of the stalls pumps out driving, throbbing dub beat and eerie melancholy piping melody drifts over the market.

Sun is shining,
Weather is sweet
Make you want to move,
Your dancin' feet.

But to the rescue,
Here I am,
Want you to know, y’all,
can you understand?
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free box o' goodies - assorted hair extension stuff

I have a box of stuff for making hair extensions which, due to a fairly significant change of image, I don't have much use for anymore - but there's some pretty cool stuff in there and I would hate to throw it out. Some monofibre hair, hair for dreading, variously coloured plastic lacing, spirit gum, other miscellaneous stuff useful for making tie ins.

Free to the first person who can collect from Monkey Central
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in a curious twist of fate...

Conservative Higher Education Spokesman defends 'Micky Mouse' degrees

'Mr Johnson said: "Sometimes in our thinking about higher education, we're too narrowly confined to a utilitarian calculus about what it's doing to the bottom line of UK plc.

"I wanted to make the point that higher education adds immeasurably to the value of the UK economy without necessarily obliging everybody to pursue courses that have some immediate vocational application."

Mr Cameron has also argued in favour of learning for its own sake, saying during his brief period as shadow education secretary: "Education that inspires and instils a love of books, of knowledge and of learning is one route to a happy and fulfilling life."
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since the week after new year is a rubbish time to have a birthday, I have decided to move mine to the slightly more fashionable (if overcrowded) weekend-after-next.

On Friday 27th, I will be having birthday drinks in Quinns. Not particularly original, but effective nonetheless.

7pm until they throw us out.

Bring yourselves, and any other people you might be able to rope in to help me get battered.
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