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06 August 2013 @ 12:08 pm
Title: Expecting
Author: Kagome
Series: Vampire Knight
Word Count: 1006
Rating: PG
Characters, Pairings: Zero/Yuki, mentions Kaname
Summary: Nothing has prepared him for any of this--not really.
Warnings: sexual references, sap.
Notes: midori_chan100 requested a ficlet about Zero being happy. We all know the poor guy deserves it. Sorry it took me a while, dear! If you guys would like for me to write something for you, please see this post.

He doesn't know what to expect, in spite of everything he's read.Collapse )
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Title: One Step Ahead, One Step Behind
Author: Kagome
Series: Vampire Knight Guilty (post-series)
Word Count: 6,501
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Zero/Yuki with some undercurrents of Kaname/Yuki
Summary: She’s broken the rules of the game—so why shouldn’t he?
Warnings: angst, somewhat dark themes, some bloodplay among other sexual situations.
Notes: After we watched Vampire Knight together, Jeremy came to the conclusion that I should write something to rectify what happened (or rather, what didn’t happen) between Yuki and Zero. I don’t know if I really made things worse or better. XD Enjoy!

She trembled even at that and made a noise low in her throat that caused his own breath to still and then stutter before being released as a possessive (and no he didn’t have the right but he didn’t really care) growl.Collapse )
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