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Title: Five More Minutes
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #008 – Hold Me Close
Pairings/Characters: Ken/Tetsu, Sakura/Ken, Hyde/Tetsu
Notes: Double-drabble cos I couldn’t fit my idea into 100 words. XD. Featuring cute and sappy (not to mention backstabbing and cheating :P) Ken and Tetsu~.

Five More MinutesCollapse )
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23 November 2005 @ 04:02 pm
Title: Reluctantly Waking
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #006 – Smell
Characters/Pairings: Tetsu/Ken
Notes: Drabble for the sixth challenge at am_100. Written mainly for Mimichan cos I told her my next drabble would be incestuous Kentsu~. XD;;;

Reluctantly WakingCollapse )
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