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Title: sometimes love is only sleeping
Author: Kagome
Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman
Word Count: 2008
Rating: PG
Characters, Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White.
Summary: “I heard you while I was asleep,” she breathes ('asleep' sounds so much better than 'dead'), and he forgets his words, remembers his heartache and her stillness.
Warnings: Here be spoilers. Mild sensuality, and mild language.
Notes: This was a prompt requested by downjune at the Snow White and the Huntsman comment ficathon here. Prompt was: Snow White/Huntsman, I heard you while I slept . Enjoy!

She is close—closer than she should be and he knows that he should probably take a step back because this is not at all what would be considered proper.Collapse )
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