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[Drabble (Sort-of)] - Passion

Title: Passion
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gackt/Meggy
Notes: Uh. Meggy-chan wanted me to do her a Gackt/her drabble, and I intended on this being a drabble, too. But, it isn't a drabble. It's... well, it's an entire page, 461 words. XD Written in about ten minutes, whilst Tali's Hakutsu was giving me problems. *Pokes it* So, yeah. I hope Meggy likies it, at least. Heh. And I suppose that now I must write a Meggy/Mica to keep dear Mimichan from killing me for writing this. *LOL* *hides*

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Fanservice Drabble - KenxChris-chan

Heh. I just decided to put this here since it does have something to do with JRock. *LOL* It was just a short little fanservice drabble I did for my nee-chan, Chris-chan (sheika_takarai) because she's madly in love with Ken and I decided to do something nice for her.

It's been ages since I've written anything even remotely male/female... so forgive me if this sucks. Again, it is just a drabble and was written just so Chris-chan could faint. XD

Yes, it's in italics on purpose. And if you're looking for my Gakuhai fic, it's one entry back. :P

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