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[The Vampire Diaries] a tired symphony - Stefan/Elena/Damon

Title: a tired symphony
Author: Kagome
Series: The Vampire Diaries (television series verse)
Word Count: 3,055
Rating: R
Characters, Pairings: Stefan/Elena/Damon
Summary: They go in circles: their lives revolve around Stefan’s guilt, Elena’s kindness, and Damon’s anger.
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven’t seen up to 3x09, angst, language, incest, sexual content.
Notes: This was a prompt requested by ever_neutral at the TVD comment ficathon here. Prompt was: Stefan/Elena/Damon: We gladly run in circles but the shape we meant to make is gone. I’m not even going to bother with assuming what happens between Klaus and Stefan in the upcoming episodes, guys. I don’t want to royally screw everything up. This takes place after all that, when Stefan returns. I’ve never written the three of them together before so I was kind of like “WHAT AM I DOING?” while writing this. XD Sorry if it’s awful!

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