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Misadventures at Gackt's House - Gakuhai, Yucha

Title: Misadventures at Gackt's House
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG-13... maybe R... O.o
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde, Yuki/Cha(Yuki! HA!)
Fandom: JRock/GacktJOB/L'Arc~en~Ciel
Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Summary: Just what the title says. Misadventures at Gackt's house. This fic is absolutely insane. It was written for twistedserious, and she had many requirements for me to fulfill. I did everything that she asked:

Fit in what you can of the following:
- a drinking game. (check)
- pink, lacy panties. Something nice and feminine. I'm not too peculiar on who is wearing them or why. (check)
- random outbursts in spanish, in the throes of passion. (check)
- if they're at Gackt's place, a seriously full bladder for Cha since he can't operate Gackt's space age toilet. (check – well… sort of. XD Cha lied)
- DDR (check)
- "Careful, that's tender." (check)
- "Dude, I'm only human!" (check)
- "Seriously, it doesn't bend that way." (check)
- "Can I come?" (check)
- "Shush, Fifi!" (check)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Linn-chan (twistedserious) has written a companion fic to this fic. ^_^ You should all go read it. You can read it here! GO READ!

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