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Title: All that Glitters is not Gold (or Silver)
Author: Kagome
Theme: Lyrics # 8. Lyrics are located at the beginning of the fic.
Warnings: Sap, sap, more sap, and a little smut (includes light bondage—use of handcuffs).
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Aoi (The GazettE)/Toshiya (Dir en grey)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi’s eyes softened, and he cupped Toshiya’s face in his hands. “You’ve already given me everything that I want.”
Comments: Written for 10_encounters. The lyrics, which are at the beginning of the fic, are from Nine Inch Nails’ The Great Below. Dedicated to bubblegumtotchi, cos she’s the Totchi to my Aoi. <3333 This fic is actually somewhat RP-based (I got the pairing from RP XD), but it can be read just fine as real-life. Hope you enjoy~!

Aoi had the feeling that the other man was going to outdo himself today, though, which wasn’t at all necessary.Collapse )