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Title: N/A
Author: Kagome, though I am only posting my own parts here. The others can be found at the entry mentioned below, and are by envy_dream and slyfatale.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Miyavi/Aoi/Reita
Notes: Please see below.

Right, so I've been meaning to post this here for a little while now; I just got sidetracked. XD See, I figured I would share here some of the things that I've written in other places (i.e. porn for friends at their journals or at my own personal LJ). I'll start with posting my own part of this Miyavi/Aoi/Reita snippet that first started here.

Miya-chan (envy_dream) was inspired by a few pictures of Miyavi and Reita together, and she started by writing Miyavi/Reita, which can be found in the previously mentioned entry. And then Tash-chan (slyfatale) decided to throw Aoi in there, which inspired me to write this:

Just for a moment, he had watched, and the sight of Miyavi sucking Reita off had been incredibly erotic... moreso than it <i>ever</i> should have been.Collapse )

And then I was begged to write more, so I did! XD:

Aoi exhaled slowly, biting on his bottom lip when one of Miyavi's hands slid down to his thigh, dangerously close to just where Aoi <i>wanted</i> to be touched.Collapse )

Then Tash-chan tempted me with a continuation of that, so I only wound up doing more:

Miyavi cried out, untangling his fingers from Aoi's hair, both hands now clutching at Aoi's back, nails digging into his skin.Collapse )

Then Miya-chan made a reply to that, which is in the same post, of course. Sadly, neither Tash-chan nor myself continued it. ^^;
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