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Fanservice Drabble - KenxChris-chan

Heh. I just decided to put this here since it does have something to do with JRock. *LOL* It was just a short little fanservice drabble I did for my nee-chan, Chris-chan (sheika_takarai) because she's madly in love with Ken and I decided to do something nice for her.

It's been ages since I've written anything even remotely male/female... so forgive me if this sucks. Again, it is just a drabble and was written just so Chris-chan could faint. XD

Yes, it's in italics on purpose. And if you're looking for my Gakuhai fic, it's one entry back. :P

She gazed down at her lover, a small smirk tugging at her lips. She loved it like this: him sprawled out beneath her and gazing heatedly into her eyes. She knew her own eyes mirrored his, and that only made her want him even more. Her smirk widened as he shifted a little beneath her. "You want me to get up?" she asked, making sure her voice was low and teasing – seductive. She jutted her lower lip out in a pout, but then quickly switched tactics, tracing her upper lip with her tongue and watching him as he, in turn, watched her. She rubbed her body teasingly against his, and made a small noise in the back of her throat when he groaned softly.

The lustful look in his eyes intensified a thousand fold and she leaned down to purr in his ear. “Answer my question, Ken-chan. Do you want me to get up, or not?”

He leaned up just enough to capture her lips in a firm kiss – one that nearly made her lose her composure altogether, and forget momentarily just who was in charge here, tonight. She pulled back from the kiss abruptly, although part of her would have been entirely happy to get lost in it, as she always did. She ground her hips more firmly into his, biting down on her lip to contain a moan as he hissed in surprise beneath her, rising his hips to meet hers and only increasing the friction.

“God,” she heard him groan. “Don’t stop doing that…”

She tilted her head in mock-curiosity. “Should I get off you?”

His tongue darted out, wetting his lips just as her own tongue had done to her own lips just moments ago. “Change the order of those words just a little.”

“Mmm...” Rocking her hips again, she leaned down and whispered against his lips. “Should I get you off?”

“Bingo,” he mumbled, just before she slid her tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply, flicking her tongue against his and then opening her mouth wider so she could deepen the kiss even further. She kissed him as hard as she dared, feeling her teeth pressing into the soft flesh of his lips just a little. His lips would be bruised, she knew, and probably hers as well.

She slid her hands up his sides and over his chest, her fingers skittering over his hardened nipples and then roaming even further down, over the firm muscles of his stomach… lower… lower…

Without pausing to give him a moment to catch his breath, she took his hardened cock in one hand, steadying him as she slid herself onto him, inch by agonizing inch until he was completely sheathed in her velvet heat.

She did not even give either of them a moment to adjust to the new and yet all-too-familiar feeling; instead, she began to move her hips almost immediately, building a slow and tender rhythm that eventually turned into something else much more frenzied and heated.

It felt good to her, just like this. Hard and fast and deep and somewhat rough, but with that tender edge to it that told her he was hers, and always would be. His thrusts were beginning to take on that desperate pace, and her body was already trembling, just a little. She could feel sweat beading on her upper chest, sliding down between her breasts and down her stomach. His grip on her hips was almost hurting her. Almost, but not quite. She’d have bruises in the morning, but she didn’t really care. She was too far gone to care about anything more than him thrusting up inside of her.

She leaned down, kissing along his jawline and then pressing her lips to his once more, but chastely this time. She pulled back just before she felt herself being pushed over the edge entirely, moaning his name and closing her eyes as she allowed the intense pleasure to wash over her. Her muscles clenched again and again, and each time they clenched, he throbbed within her. He was oh-so-very close.

She gazed into his eyes, watching every emotion that flickered in them as she continued to ride him, smiling as they slid closed and he gasped, wrapping his arms around her and holding onto her tightly as he came, his warmth flooding through her.

Panting, she rested her forehead against his, feeling the beginnings of a smile curve across her face. “Mmm… now aren’t you glad you fell off the bed?”

Halfheartedly pinching her side, he mumbled “Shut up and stop being so damn smug about it.”

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