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Sudden Showers - Gakuhai

Title: Sudden Showers
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde
Fandom: JRock/L’Arc~en~Ciel, GacktJOB
Word Count: 2,154
Disclaimer: Neither the men nor the movie are mine. What a shame.
Summary: An unexpected bout of rain puts a stop to filming for the day. Gackt and Hyde lounge around Gackt's hotel room for a little while, but then Hyde suggests that they go out in the rain. What begins as a simple conversation about their characters in MoonChild (Sho and Kei, respectively) turns into something much more. My entry for the ficon over at gacktxhyde

Sudden Showers

“Do you like the rain, Gacchan?”

The question was, to say the least, rather unexpected. Gackt slowly blinked his eyes open and gazed at his companion, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. “I like the rain, yes. I like to stand at the window and listen to the tiny pitter-patter of raindrops as they hit the roof.” He cast a glance outside, making a face at the dark clouds looming not-so-far away. There was no chance of the rain letting up anytime soon.

“But,” he continued, sighing softly and closing his eyes again, resting his head on back of the couch, “I do not like the rain when it decides to interrupt what would have been a productive day of filming.”

“Oh, come on,” Hyde chuckled, and Gackt felt the older man jab him lightly in the ribs. “Consider it a break. It won’t kill you to take one of those.”

Gackt swatted the hand away, feigning annoyance. “I don’t like wasting time, Hyde-chan. We could have gotten a lot of work done today. Now it all has to be saved for tomorrow, because there doesn’t seem to be a chance that it’ll stop raining anytime soon.”

“You shouldn’t be so damned uptight,” Hyde said softly. His words were very close to Gackt’s ear. Gackt could, in fact, feel Hyde’s breath brush against the rim of his ear with each syllable that he spoke.

“Stop teasing,” Gackt nearly growled, keeping his eyes tightly shut. “You know I’m ticklish.”

That laugh again: pure, genuine. Gackt had grown to love that sound. “But I’m being perfectly serious, Gacchan. Everyone needs a break every now and again, you know.”

“I’m not used to many breaks. I’m used to working… just working.” It was pretty pathetic to be telling Hyde this, he knew. But it was the truth. He never did much of anything unless work was involved. Even the things he considered himself to be doing just for fun involved some degree of work.

“You wouldn’t make a very good real-life Sho, I don’t think,” Hyde said softly. “He’s a lazy bum most of the time.”

“Hey!” Gackt opened his eyes then, glaring in defiance at the man sitting across from him. “Sho worked very hard to get into the position he wound up in. He had to work to have a family; he had to work to be--”

Before Gackt could speak even another syllable, Hyde placed his fingers very gently over his lips with a soft “Shhh. I was just kidding, you know. I figured I’d get you riled up.”

Gackt pouted a little when Hyde pulled his fingers away. “So, you said something just to get me even more worked up?”

“Sort of,” Hyde replied, grinning.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand your logic. You tell me I shouldn’t be so uptight and then you say something that will get me rambling about my character in this movie of ours.” Gackt then reached for a cigarette which was resting on a table near Hyde’s side of the couch, but quickly withdrew his hand when Hyde slapped it lightly. “Am I not allowed to smoke now?”

That grin of his was turning practically feral. It was almost similar to the look a cat gave just before beginning to chase its prey. Gackt didn’t know if he should be worried by the look in Hyde’s eyes, or if he should be intrigued.

He figured maybe he was a little of both.

“You won’t be able to smoke in the rain.” Hyde stood then, tugging at Gackt’s arm as though he wanted him to stand, too.

“Excuse me?” Gackt asked, almost certain that he had not heard correctly. Hyde wanted to go out in the rain?

Hyde rolled his eyes, continuing to tug at Gackt’s arm until, with a frustrated sigh of surrender, Gackt finally stood as well. “I have been complaining about how hot it’s been here since day one, Gacchan. For once, it’s actually cool outside--”

“That’s only because it’s raining!” Gackt interrupted, looking skeptically in the direction of the door as Hyde began walking towards it.

“Duh,” Hyde replied matter-of-factly. “If this is going to be the only day here in Taiwan in which the weather is actually tolerable, you can bet I’m going to enjoy it.” With a hand on the doorknob, he turned back to Gackt, the look in his eyes questioning. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I just figured you might like to come out and enjoy the rain with me.”

Even if Gackt had wanted to, he didn’t believe he could reject such an invitation, not when it was spoken in such a tone of voice… not when Hyde seemed to truly want to spend time with him. He found himself crossing the room without even bothering to speak a word, and just a short span of time later, he was feeling the cool touch of rain sliding down his face. It wasn’t so bad, after all.

Hyde immediately headed for the beach and Gackt followed not far behind, wanting to put into words how much he enjoyed seeing Hyde like this, with a smile on his face. It was somewhat soothing to be able to watch Hyde as he jogged along the edge of the beach, kicking up wet sand as he went.

The older man came to a stop when the ocean water reached his ankles. Gackt could only watch as Hyde stood there, wiggling his toes in the sand and grinning widely, the rain making his clothes stick to his body, but he didn’t really seem to mind it much at all.

Gackt ventured to stand beside him, nudging him gently. “I enjoy seeing you like this,” he said, almost certain that Hyde wouldn’t hear him over the sound of the rain.

But he did. “What do you mean?” he asked, and for a moment Gackt could not answer because he became quite fascinated with a raindrop which had decided to slide down Hyde’s neck and disappear behind the collar of Hyde’s button-up shirt.

“I mean,” he finally managed, “that it’s nice seeing you having a good time and looking like… yourself, I guess.”

Hyde laughed, stepping just a little closer to Gackt. “I don’t look like myself otherwise?” The smile on his face was a playful one, and Gackt couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Well, when you’re on set, you always look so moody and unapproachable. Being Kei makes you seem old in a way, you know?” Gackt found this very difficult to explain, and with a small shrug, he turned back to the ocean, watching the tide as it rolled to the shore and then retreated once again.

“That’s what I’m supposed to be like on set though, right? On set, I am Kei, Gacchan. But away from set I’m myself. I’m not very similar to him at all… just like you and Sho aren’t very similar.” He paused for a moment, and then shook his head. “Except for the driving,” he added, still smiling. “You definitely gave him your driving habits.”

They fell into silence for a few minutes, and all that could be heard was the sound of the rain and the waves. Inwardly, Gackt wondered what it would look like for the two of them to go wandering back into the hotel sopping wet, but what did it really matter right then? Was it important? He didn’t think so.

“Hey,” he began, not quite certain of what it was that he wanted to say even after opening his mouth. “If I’m not much like Sho, and you’re not much like Kei, then what does that mean in terms of our relationship?” He was being very bold, he knew… just like when he had told Hyde before that he wanted to kiss him. Hyde had laughed at him and pushed his comment aside as if it were a joke. The thing was, he had been perfectly serious, and he still wanted to kiss him.

“Well,” Hyde replied, pushing a few strands of wet hair away from his forehead, “I definitely can’t imagine Sho telling Kei he wants to kiss him.”

Gackt rolled his eyes, turning away from the older man momentarily. “Well, I can imagine Kei pushing Sho away if he did, so maybe you’re similar to Kei in that way.”

“Gacchan.” Hyde moved even closer to him, and Gackt could see something in those soft brown eyes – those eyes that were usually so guarded and wary. He wasn’t quite sure what it was he could see, but he wanted to find out.

“Yes?” Gackt asked, finding it a little difficult to form a coherent sentence. He blamed his sudden lack of articulacy on Hyde’s proximity. He was entirely too close for sensible speech.

“What would Sho do if Kei asked him for a kiss?” Hyde gazed up at him, and Gackt felt his breath catch in his throat. Could Hyde possibly be suggesting…? No. Gackt couldn’t have heard him correctly. The pitter-patter of the rain had caused him to misunderstand Hyde’s words – he was certain of this.

But still… even if he hadn’t heard correctly, Gackt wanted to know. “What would Kei do if Sho kissed him?”

Hyde tilted his head in what appeared to be curiosity, and then pressed even closer, sliding his arms around Gackt’s neck and raising on tiptoe so that his lips were just mere inches from Gackt’s. “I don’t know what Kei would do if Sho kissed him,” he replied, a mischievous smile spreading across his face, “but I can tell you what Hyde would do if Gackt kissed him.”

“Oh, really?” Gackt knew his voice was a little shaky, but he hoped beyond all hope that Hyde wouldn’t notice it. Hyde’s body heat was a stark contrast to the cool feel of the rain sliding down his skin, and Gackt found himself wanting to lose himself in that heat. “What would Hyde do?”

That smile was positively feral now. “I don’t know,” Hyde murmured, his breath tickling Gackt’s lips. “Why doesn’t Gackt find out for himself?”

And Gackt, no longer concerned as to whether he was hearing Hyde correctly or not, eagerly closed the distance between their mouths, nearly sighing in blissful pleasure when Hyde relaxed against him.

He flicked his tongue against Hyde’s lips, holding back a soft moan as those lips parted and Hyde drew Gackt’s tongue into his mouth, sucking on it softly. Gackt knew how horribly cliché they must have looked, kissing in the rain – but at the moment, he could have honestly cared less.

He kissed Hyde slowly and gently, taking his time to fully explore every inch of that delightfully warm, wet mouth. Their tongues rubbed together in a delicious way that made Gackt’s spine tingle and made his legs feel a bit like jelly. Almost possessively, he wrapped his arms around Hyde’s waist and drew him even closer, inwardly smiling when Hyde’s hold on him tightened just a little.

Hyde tasted like honey and cinnamon, and also something else that Gackt couldn’t quite place, but he loved it nonetheless. It was uniquely Hyde – not a single other person that Gackt had kissed had tasted like this… had tasted this good.

They broke apart a few moments later for air, and Hyde gazed up at Gackt, his eyes half-lidded. His tongue darted out to lick slowly along the line of his lips – it was a habit of his that Gackt had seen him perform many, many times. It was a habit he hoped Hyde would never give up.

“Well, maybe you’re not really like Kei after all,” Gackt teased, his wet hair falling into his eyes. “I’m still alive. Figured Kei would beat Sho senseless, or ignore him.”

“I’m not going to do either,” Hyde smiled, and then shivered within the circle of Gackt’s arms.

“You cold?” Gackt asked, concerned.

Hyde nodded, resting his forehead against Gackt’s chest. “I guess it’s because of the rain.” He then looked up again, grinning devilishly and leaning up to whisper against Gackt’s ear: “Why don’t we go back to your room… and then you can warm me up, perhaps?” He chuckled and pulled away, heading back towards the hotel and motioning for Gackt to follow.

Smiling widely and thinking that perhaps it really wasn’t so bad to take a break from work every now and again, Gackt rushed to catch up with him. “I’m glad we had this discussion,” he said softly, still smiling.

Hyde nodded, the look in his eyes one of complete seriousness. “Me too, Gacchan.”

Just as they opened the door and stepped into the hotel, Gackt looked back outside and at the rain for a moment, silently thanking sudden and unexpected showers before a seemingly quite impatient Hyde shut the door and proceeded to drag him back towards his room.

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