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New World - Yukido

Title: New World
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yuki/Hyde
Fandom: L’Arc~en~Ciel (JRock)
Theme: #8 – Our Own World
Disclaimer: Yukihiro and Hideto are real people. The works of the author do not depict real events (at least, she doesn’t think so).
Summary: Time stands still just for a moment as soon as the sun reaches its pinnacle in the sky, and then everything is different, although nothing has really changed at all. Eighth 30_kisses challenge.
Notes: Wow. Another mushy-cute thing? ^^ I need to get back to angst and/or smut. :P But I believed that this was fitting for this particular theme. This is dedicated to noakun, My Rinoa-chan. Thank you for everything, love. And I do mean everything. ^_^

New World

Hyde yawned, wishing that he could just climb back into bed and sleep for another four or so hours. It was entirely too early to be awake, and entirely too early to be walking outside, and walking blindfolded to boot.

“Yuki-chan...” He struggled to whine, but his voice was too sleep-roughened to produce the desired effect. “It’s too early!” He wanted to rip that blindfold off and demand that Yuki give him some answers, but Yuki had insisted earlier that this whole plan of his was a surprise, and that it had to take place at–

What time was it, anyway? They had been walking now for quite some time… probably twenty minutes or more, and when Yuki had awoken him, the digital clock on his bedside table had read five-thirty. At five-thirty in the morning, Hyde’s brain did not function properly. He tried yet again to whine, and failed miserably.

“Yuki-chan, where are we going?” he finally decided to ask.

“I told you, it’s a surprise. If I told you where we were going, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise now, would it?”

Hyde cleared his throat a little, and spoke again, his voice bordering on the whine that he had been trying to achieve in the first place. “Couldn’t you have waited three or so more hours? And why aren’t we doing something constructive since you had to wake me up at this hour? You know, like working on our song.”

He heard Yuki heave a sigh. “I should have gagged you, too.”

Hyde felt a smile spreading across his face despite himself. “Oooh. That’s kinky, Yuki-chan.”

He felt the hand holding onto his own tighten just a little bit. He would bet money that right now, Yuki was blushing every color red imaginable. “Maybe later,” Yuki finally answered. “This surprise has nothing to do with sex.”

Hyde chuckled a little, although he was beginning to become rather tired of walking. “You kidnap me from my house and we walk for ages and I don’t even get hot sex as a reward? I figured you’d at least give me that much in return for the pain you are putting my feet through.”

“Would you be happier if I carried you?”

The question was rather unexpected, and before Hyde could even formulate a proper answer, Yuki lifted him off his feet. “Yuki-chan,” he gasped, hating the blindfold now more than ever because it was obstructing the view of his beloved’s eyes. “Can I please take this blindfold off?”

“No,” Yuki replied, his voice so close now. “We’re almost there, Haido-chan.”

“Fine,” Hyde grumbled, settling instead for resting his head against Yuki’s shoulder as the drummer carried him to wherever it was were heading to. The ride was a little bumpy, but it was hardly torture. Not so very bad, being carried in Yuki’s arms. Whatever the surprise was, Hyde supposed that the missed sleep and the procrastinating with their song were worth these few blissful moments. Moments like this were all-too-rare; they were gifts that were meant to be treasured. Indeed, sleep and song lyrics could be put off until later.

Hyde found it quite funny that Yuki didn’t even seem to register his weight – he walked several more steps and up a steep hill as if he didn’t have one of the most famous people in all of Japan cradled against his chest. It made Hyde laugh just a little, though he couldn’t quite figure out why he found it to be funny.

He felt Yuki stop then; he was lowered back to the ground and he stood there on shaky legs, but he didn’t know why he was shaking. Inwardly, he mourned at the loss of Yuki’s arms encircling him, but he didn’t mourn for long.

“There’s a bench behind you, Haido-chan,” Yuki informed him, his voice low and gentle. “Sit down.”

Carefully, Hyde sat down, almost sighing in relief when he managed to actually sit on the bench instead of missing it and hitting the ground. “Can I take this damn blindfold off now?” he ventured to ask, irritated because he knew Yuki was close but he could not see him.

“No,” he heard Yuki answer, the voice very close, Yuki’s breath tickling the little hairs along his neck. He shivered a bit in response, trying to lean closer to the other man. “Let me take it off, Haido-chan.”

Finally, the accursed piece of cloth was untied and removed. Inwardly, Hyde rejoiced. His initial reaction was to blink blearily until his vision cleared, and when it did, he let out a soft noise that was somewhere between a gasp and a sob. “Yuki-chan…”

They were in the park, on a large hill that was pretty much secluded from the rest of the park. He had walked by here several times before, but had never really paid attention to it. And plus, he had never been here to gaze at the sunrise.

It was utterly breathtaking. The sky was dyed a mixture of pink, orange, and a sort of red color that Hyde could not quite place. The sun itself had not yet fully risen, but it was close. He knew that this was one of those moments that would be filed into his mind and forever remembered, no matter how old and grey he became.

“That’s why I had to wake you up so early,” Yuki suddenly explained, apparently deciding to reveal the secrets of his little ‘plan’ now. Hyde turned to him, completely speechless. There were words that he wanted to say, but he couldn’t get his voicebox to work properly. Besides, he wasn’t quite sure that he would be able to push words past the lump that was suddenly in his throat, anyway.

“I wanted to show you how beautiful it was,” Yuki continued. “I watched it the other morning, and I kept wishing that you could be in my arms watching it with me.”

Hyde felt tears welling in his eyes; refusing to cry, he scrubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand, only provoking more tears. They slid unbidden down his cheeks, and suddenly, Yuki’s arms were around him.

“This wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for, Haido-chan,” Yuki said with a small smile, freeing one hand enough to brush the tears away from Hyde’s cheeks.

Hyde shook his head, still not trusting his voice, and gazed directly into Yuki’s eyes, clutching at him almost desperately. “It’s… it’s beautiful, Yuki-chan,” he finally managed, turning back to look at the brightly-glowing sphere as it continued its ascent into the sky.

“I’m glad.” Yuki’s fingers were suddenly tangled in his hair, and Hyde was smiling now as well. “I knew you’d be cranky with me waking you up so early, but--”

“No,” Hyde interrupted. “It’s worth every minute of lost sleep, I assure you.”

“And our song?”

Hyde shook his head yet once again. “It’ll be fine until this afternoon. Right now, I just want to sit here with you like this.”

They sat there for several moments in a comfortable silence; Hyde was content to be in Yuki’s arms, his head resting against the drummer’s chest. Just before the sun reached its pinnacle, Yuki spoke again.

“You know, I heard that time stands still just as the sun reaches its apex in the sky.”

“Really?” Hyde asked, looking up at his lover curiously.

Yuki nodded. “Yeah. And just as soon as that moment is over, the world seems just a little different than it did before – it is a new day, after all.”

“Do you think time stands still for everything?”

Yuki shrugged. “I suppose it does, Haido-chan… did you have something in mind?”

Smiling just a little, Hyde leaned up, pressing his lips ever-so-gently to Yuki’s. He felt Yuki gasp in surprise against his mouth, and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue past those oh-so-pliant lips and explore that delicious mouth fully.

They broke away moments later for air, but continued to cling to one another. Slowly, Hyde blinked his eyes open and turned back to look at the sun. It had risen fully, and its rays were warm and inviting as they gently brushed over his face. He felt his smile growing wider.

They were still sitting on the same bench, on the same hill, in the same park, but everything seemed different now. It was as if he had just woken up in a new world – a world that consisted of only Yuki and himself, a world that was theirs and theirs alone.

As if reading his thoughts, Yuki said, “It’s all the same, Haido-chan, but it’s not the same at all. Everything’s just a little different now, and this world is ours, I think.”

There were a few more moments of silence in which Hyde could not form a coherent sentence, and then Yuki spoke again, the words seemingly spilling from his lips before he could stop them: “I’m awakening in the new world.”

Hyde looked curiously up at him, and Yuki shook his head. “I’ll tell you later, Haido-chan. Right now…” The drummer shifted, pulling Hyde even closer and gazing meaningfully down at him. “I just want to stay like this.”

Yuki didn’t want to explain right now, apparently. But that was just fine with Hyde. Right now, it really wasn’t important. All he really wanted, he knew, as he pressed his lips against Yuki’s once again, was that he wanted time to stand still for just a little longer in this new world.

In their world.

Tearing apart the darkness, I'll proudly hold onto the overflowing light
I wish to be tied onto this very moment

Holding onto the voice you gave me, higher, higher I'll fly away
This overflowing future pours out so brightly
I'm awakening in the new world

Tags: 30 kisses, hydexyuki, l'arc~en~ciel, yukixhyde

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