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Waiting - Yukido

Title: Waiting
Author: Kagome
Pairing: Yuki/Hyde
Fandom: JRock, L'Arc~en~Ciel
Rating: PG (F-word mentioned once)
Theme: #24 – Goodnight
Disclaimer: No, they aren't mine. You no sue because me have no money.
Summary: L’Arc~en~Ciel are on tour; Yuki is Hyde’s roommate and it is the night before Yuki’s birthday. He is waiting for something, and that ‘something’ turns out to be a gift that Hyde has been waiting for as well. Sixth 30_kisses challenge.


It was incredibly hot outside the hotel – odd since it was late in the fall season, and Hyde was miserable. He was tired and grumpy, and after several hours of dealing with fans asking him for his autograph, he had very little patience left for formalities.

Barely giving the hotel clerks at the desk a cursory glance, Hyde wearily trudged to the elevator and pressed the button pointing in the ‘up’ direction. After a moment or two, the elevator opened and a ‘pinging’ noise could be heard. He stepped into it gratefully, briefly considering just falling asleep in the corner of said elevator but quickly deciding against it. Not a good idea.

Finally, the elevator doors re-opened and he exited, heading into the hallway and searching his pockets for the key. He looked in both of the front pockets, and wrinkled his nose in confusion. He stopped in front of his room and looked in his back pockets as well. He had brought his key out with him – he knew he had. Hadn’t he?

Okay, so he had forgotten his key. Big deal.

Heaving a sigh and hoping beyond all hope that Yuki – his roommate for this particular tour – would still be awake, he lifted his hand and knocked on the door. After a moment’s pause, he received a reply: “No, I don’t want anything!”

Barely refraining from grinding his teeth together, Hyde yelled, “You know it’s me, dammit! I forgot my key! Let me in or so help me--”

“How do I know you’re really Hyde?” The voice was closer now. Hyde could just imagine Yuki standing on the other side of the door, an amused smirk on his face. But Hyde was in no mood for joking tonight. He was tired and hot and thirsty. Not to mention that he wanted to sleep for about fifty years.

Maybe Hyde was getting old. Tours just weren’t what they used to be anymore. He was finding it harder and harder to croon into the microphone and run around stage like he used to do, back in his earlier years.

Yes. Of course. His age was the reason for his tiredness and also why he had forgotten the key to the hotel room. Perhaps he was showing the first signs of Alzheimer’s.

“You fucking know it’s me, Yuki! Open the door before I die of a heatstroke or keel over from tiredness out here!” Hyde shifted from foot to foot impatiently, gripping the doorframe with one hand. “If I pass out in this hallway, you can explain to everyone why I--”

The door flew open. Still gripping the doorframe, Hyde was yanked inside before he could let go. The motion was so sudden that he might have fallen, if the path to the floor hadn’t been blocked by a wall of wiry muscle. A pretty skinny wall, as walls went, but solid enough to knock most of the breath out of an unsuspecting fellow bandmember – and if Hyde had any breath left, it soon fled him as soon as he met Yuki’s dark eyes.

Yuki was smiling, just a little, and Hyde found that smile to be contagious despite his not-so-great mood. I’m hot and I’m tired and I think I could die from sheer exhaustion, but I won’t die from that because I’m going to kiss you and then you’ll kill me. But it’ll be worth it because—

“You going to shut the door and have a seat before you pass out, or are you just going to pass out in the middle of the doorway?” Yuki asked him, his smile growing just a little wider.

Hyde gave his head a sharp shake, paused to remember how his legs worked, and attempted nonchalance. “Hey, as long as I get cute nurses to fuss over me, I’m voting for passing out.”

“Dork,” Yuki said with a snort as he headed toward the small refrigerator in the corner, rummaging through it a few moments before bringing Hyde a can of soda. “You’re lucky I was awake. But I suppose your yelling could have woken me up, as well as Ken and Tetsu, who are two doors down, as you well know.”

Hyde laughed, taking the offered drink gratefully and noting that Yuki had turned the sheets down on both beds. How nice of him. “I don’t think I would’ve woken up either of them. You know Ken snores like a freight train and I think Tet-chan wears earplugs when they share a room.” He sat down on his bed, appreciating its softness but not much other than that. This wasn’t home, and no matter where he went, the beds would never feel as good as his bed at home. Except for maybe…I wonder what Yuki’s bed--

He shook his head as if to clear it, knowing that he was stepping into dangerous territory with his train of thought. Yuki asked him if he was okay and he shrugged off the concern, telling Yuki that he was just simply tired and would feel better after he slept for a while.

Hyde finished off his drink and set the can aside, flopping back on the bed and considering shedding most of his clothing as he still felt entirely too warm. As if reading his thoughts, Yuki suddenly headed towards the bathroom. “I’m going to take off these clothes, Hadio-chan… it is hot.” Yuki paused in the doorway to the lavatory and turned, winking. “No peeking.”

Hyde snorted, rolling his eyes. He shed his own clothing as soon as Yuki shut the bathroom door, leaving only his boxers to cover himself. He slid under the sheets and closed his eyes, trying not to listen to the rustle of clothing on the other side of the bathroom door.

Yuki emerged moments later, clad in only his boxers as well, and Hyde tried his best not to stare, though he knew he was failing miserably. Here’s the part when I should be noticing how tired you look as well, but instead my mind is only informing me that you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Before Yuki could catch him staring, Hyde redirected his eyes to the window and to the city lights below. They always annoyed him when he was trying to get to sleep in a hotel room. Too much brightness. Yuki apparently noticed his gaze, because the next moment, he was asking if Hyde wanted the blinds to be turned.

“Please,” Hyde replied softy and Yuki did so, also pausing to turn the air conditioner up another notch. The room would be cool enough soon, and Hyde always slept better when it was somewhat chilly.

Yuki climbed into his own bed, and the switched the light off. Suddenly, there was nothing but darkness in the room. Hyde closed his eyes, shifting position a little before a thought suddenly occurred to him. He sat up, looking in Yuki’s general direction. “Your birthday is tomorrow.”

There was a long silence, but Yuki finally answered. “And here I was hoping everyone would forget it.” He was being sarcastic, Hyde knew.

“We’ll do something special for you,” he assured. “You know we always do. I just didn’t think about it until now.”

“I know,” Yuki replied, although he spoke very softly. “You don’t ever have to do anything for me, you know.”

“I know that, yes. But we don’t do things for your birthday because we feel like we have to, Yuki-chan. We do things for you because we want to.” Hyde made a mental note to remind himself to get up early so he could head out and buy Yuki a present, already. Procrastinating until the day of Yuki’s birthday did him absolutely no good whatsoever.

“Thanks,” Yuki said, and Hyde could hear the rustling of sheets and the squeak of the mattress. “Tonight’s for waiting, I guess.”

Hyde wrinkled his nose in puzzlement, though he knew Yuki couldn’t see. “Waiting?”

“Yeah… for whatever good things that are supposed to happen tomorrow, I suppose. I try to look at my birthday as being a good thing instead of getting old.” Yuki chuckled, and Hyde couldn’t help but chuckle with him.

“Well, at least we’re getting old together, right? Can’t you just imagine all of us twenty years from now attempting to jam out? You’d have arthritis and I’d be in a wheelchair… Tet and Ken would be walking with canes…” He trailed off, shaking his head. He had meant for that to be humorous, but it wound up having a depressing ring to it.

“Don’t talk like that, Haido-chan. I know this ‘us’ won’t last forever… our band won’t be making number one albums for much longer… that’s not what I want to think about just before my birthday, you know? I said happy things, you baka. I’m waiting for good things.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Hyde frowned, rearranging his pillow before settling back down again. Across from him, he heard Yuki lay back down as well. He was exhausted, but even when he closed his eyes, he couldn’t seem to achieve sleep. He knew it was at least partially, if not completely, due to Yuki being so close. They hadn’t been roommates for a while, and being alone with Yuki like this only proved to remind him of his feelings for him. It was almost painful, really.

Irritated, Hyde glanced at the clock. It was past twelve in the morning, and he knew he needed sleep, and soon. But no matter how he stationed himself, he couldn’t find a position that invited sleep. It was ridiculous.

He nearly jumped when he heard the rustle of sheets across from him, and almost gasped when he felt a weight settle on the bed. “Haido-chan, will you scoot over?” he heard Yuki ask, and his heart began racing. Wordlessly, he moved over, making room for Yuki to slide under the covers beside him.

It was relatively cool in the room now, but Hyde still felt incredibly hot, only it was for an entirely different reason now. He didn’t dare ask why Yuki was suddenly in his bed; perhaps he was too afraid, or maybe still too stunned to manage words.

“Thank you, Haido-chan,” he heard Yuki murmur. “Goodnight.”

Hyde had to swallow twice before he was able to answer. “Goodnight, Yuki-chan…”

Several moments later, Hyde heard Yuki’s breathing even out, and yet, he himself was still wide awake. He reached out blindly, needing to touch Yuki, perhaps just to make sure he was really there. He found the curve of Yuki’s cheek, tracing it gently, his fingers just barely ghosting over Yuki’s lips.

Hyde was just about to withdraw his hand before Yuki turned his head, apparently leaning into the touch. It made Hyde catch his breath. I didn’t want this, Yuki-chan… I didn’t want to feel this way for you…

“Yuki?” Hyde ventured to ask. “Are you asleep?” Stupid question. Of course he was.

“Mm…” Maybe not all the way asleep.

Just say it, Hyde told himself. He won’t remember any of it in the morning, anyway. Especially not after Ken gives him the customary round of birthday booze.

“I think I--” Hyde took a deep breath, and then started over. “No… I know I love you, Yuki.” He was about to withdraw his hand from that soft skin once again, but Yuki’s hand caught his own, holding onto it tightly and lacing their fingers together.

“I love you too, Haido-chan.”

Absolutely certain that he was dreaming, Hyde squeezed those fingers gently, and almost sighed in relief when he felt an answering squeeze. “Come here, Yuki-chan.”

Yuki shifted, moving to lean over him. Hyde could barely see the outline of the other’s body in the dark, but he didn’t care. He tugged Yuki even closer, blindly searching for his lips.

Their lips met in a simple, gentle kiss that demanded nothing but at the same time revealed everything. Why hadn’t Hyde told him this earlier? Why had he been so afraid?

Hyde felt a smile creeping across his face as he finally pulled himself away from Yuki’s mouth. “Happy birthday, Yuki-chan. Of course, I’ll give you more than this, but for now the only thing I can offer is a nice long sleep on my shoulder.”

He knew Yuki was smiling as well; he could hear it in his voice. “That’s fine with me. This is absolutely the best birthday present I’ve ever received.”

In the next moment, Yuki’s head was against his shoulder, and they were saying their goodnights once again. Perhaps they’d actually be able to get some sleep now.

Hyde didn’t have any words at all now, but that didn’t matter anymore. He yawned, sliding his arms more securely around Yuki and tightening his hold just a little. So, was this the gift that Yuki had been waiting for? If so, wasn’t it also a gift that Hyde himself had been waiting for? Closing his eyes, Hyde decided that the logistics of this gift could be figured out in the morning.

For now, there would be no more waiting.

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