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[Fullmetal Alchemist] Unsaid - Roy, Riza

Title: Unsaid
Author: Kagome
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 248
Rating: PG
Characters: Roy, Riza
Summary: The space between them is filled with all of the things she can’t say.
Warnings: angst
Notes: Set during the latter part of episode 49 of Brotherhood, when Roy is gazing at Hughes’ grave. Written for prompt 91 over at fma_fic_contest; that week’s prompt was to focus on a specific page in the manga or a specific episode of the anime. It didn’t place, but all participants got a lovely participation banner! :)

“Colonel, it’s almost time.” There is the slightest hint of urgency in her voice, but for the most part, she is quiet and reserved—their current setting demands it, and on top of that, she feels almost like she’s… intruding upon something private. Mustang would chuckle at her and shake his head if she were to voice that particular thought out loud, though, and so she doesn’t. It’s silly, anyway.

He nods at her, and there are no tears in his eyes (no rain today, she thinks) but there is an emptiness there that has resided within him since the moment that Maes Hughes was laid to rest, buried and unreachable and gone.

His pain is obvious even now and she aches for him; she wants more than anything to take that pain away but she knows that she cannot—she knows that it is a wound that Roy will carry with him until his own death.

She wants to say something, anything, but even when she opens her mouth, she finds that her voice won’t work.

The space between them is filled with all of the things that she can’t say.

“Let’s go, Lieutenant.” There is the hint of a smile on his lips and it eases her somewhat—it causes all of those words left unspoken to dissipate and to be forgotten.

All but these:

I’m sure he misses you too, Colonel.

And perhaps, one day, she’ll find the courage to actually tell him as much.
Tags: fma fic contest, fullmetal alchemist, riza, roy

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