Kagome (_newworld) wrote,

[Kingdom Hearts] This is How Our Days Fall Forward (drabble) - Riku/Sora/Kairi

Challenge: [233] Ephemeral
Title: This is How Our Days Fall Forward
Wordcount: 595
Notes: Post-KH II. Bringing the OT3 power back. Trimming this down to make it fit the word limit hurt my heart (I kid, I kid). XD

He knows better than to believe in such a thing as ‘forever’. Nothing lasts; everything must come to an end. Roxas has taught him this.

With every thump-thump of his heart, there is a silent mantra: He was taken from me. And someone else was, too. Why can’t I remember? It’s all gone.

The part of him that is separate from Roxas aches for the other boy. Anyone with – and perhaps without – a heart would feel horrible for him.

And anyone with a brain would realize just how transitory everything is—would realize just how easily beloved things and beloved people can be taken away.

But that’s life, isn’t it? No guarantees. There have never been any.

There is no guarantee that there will be peace in all of the worlds they’ve visited, even though they’ve saved them (twice). There is no guarantee that King Mickey will always reign on the throne (life is only borrowed time). There is no guarantee that he won’t lose them again.

It’s the latter that scares him the most.

Riku ruffles his hair and brings him away from his pessimistic thoughts. “Kairi’s waiting for us, you know. Stop moping—it doesn’t suit you.”

“I’m not moping,” Sora immediately protests, and Riku grins (that particular grin that makes Sora’s heart skip a beat), taking him by the hand and leading him towards the waves and towards Kairi.

She’s smiling, too, and it’s their laughter and their smiles and their touches and their kisses that make Sora want to believe that he’ll never miss out on this ever again.


The days and weeks and months and years pass by incredibly quickly—too quickly for Sora’s liking, and he feels like their days are simply falling forwards into some unknown abyss.

The worlds outside of their own have not remained calm. They’ve been requested more than once to investigate happenings at Olympus and Traverse Town and various other worlds they’d been to in the past.

All grumblings about how Destiny Island never changes aside, they’re all more than happy to set foot back on the place that they call home.

“Come back to bed,” Kairi invites. “Riku’s waiting.” Her voice is gentle and sweet, and he can’t refuse her.

He wishes – as he climbs into bed and snuggles between their warmth – that life had a remote and he could just press pause, and leave things this way indefinitely.


“Why can’t this last forever?” he asks them one day, when they’re sitting at the kitchen table, scouring over job ads in the paper and making faces at the bitter coffee (it’s Sunday morning, and Riku always makes the coffee on Sunday mornings, but Sora is seriously contemplating firing him from this particular task).

The two people he loves most in all of the worlds turn to him and blink. “What?”

“This… us,” Sora explains. “There’s no guarantee that things will always be this way. That we’ll always be together. That you won’t be taken from me again.”

Riku sighs, leaning over to lightly kiss Sora’s cheek. “You dolt. If we get taken from you, we know that you’ll come find us, like always.”

“Right.” Kairi is smiling like she knows some big secret. “Sora… you really are a dolt. Maybe there’s no such thing as ‘forever’, but there is such a thing as ‘til death do us part’, you know.”

Sora’s eyes widen in amazement and his heart skips at least twenty beats and then begins pounding double-time. His smile is possibly wider than theirs.

Well, he hadn’t thought of that.
Tags: drabbles, kingdom hearts, riku/sora/kairi

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