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[Drabbles] Open Your Eyes--Trouble Will Find You; Fear not the Door that Opens - KH

Title: Open Your Eyes—Trouble will Find You
Author: Kagome
Prompt: 207. Here Comes Trouble
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: some sexual content
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Focuses on Naminé. Also mentions Marluxia, Axel, Larxene, Riku-Replica, Sora, and Riku. Roxas is sort-of-kind-of mentioned, though you have to tilt your head and squint to realize that.
Word Count: 599
Notes: Written for kh_drabble. Spoilers for CoM.


He finds her, and he’s all effortless grace and fluid motion, roses and twilight, soft smiles and gentle touches wrapped in black; she knows from the first moment she sees him that he is trouble: knows that there is something sinister lurking underneath all of that beauty. He’s a predator stalking his prey, and he could break her (tear her in two) if he wished to do so.

He kneels before her and she can’t look away from his eyes: they look like the ocean during a storm, and she doesn’t know how she can think of such a comparison, for she’s never seen the ocean during a storm. She’s never seen the ocean at all.

“Come with me,” he whispers, close to her ear, and it makes her shiver. “I need you.”

She should be afraid, she thinks, but she isn’t (can’t be).

In any case, when he reaches for her hand, she takes it, because nobody has ever needed her before.


He finds her (right where she’s supposed to be), and he’s all sarcasm and riddles and questions, fire melting ice and eyes asking why.

But he’s burdened, too. She can sense it somehow.

“What’s troubling you?” she asks him, and his eyes widen before softening just slightly.

“Kinda missing out on a tradition back at home,” he tells her, and it makes no sense at all, but she doesn’t expect it to. He never gives straight answers, anyway.


She finds her (where she isn’t supposed to be), and she smiles deadly and quick and heartlessly (how appropriate) before brandishing her knives. The air crackles with her energy.

“You’re not supposed to be in here, you know,” she says, fake sweetness. “I’ll make you remember the rules, so you won’t forget them again.”

She never forgot, but she knows Larxene has never been one for technicalities.


He finds her (again—in the garden this time, and he’s given her permission), and he’s still as graceful as ever, though something is different: he touches the bruises and scratches, presses his lips to them as gloveless fingers dance along her thighs, creeping higher.

“You won’t forget, will you, precious?” he asks her, and she closes her eyes and shakes her head, swallowing as his lips travel along her neck.

She thinks she prefers Larxene’s form of punishment over Marluxia’s form of faux-redemption.


He finds her but she can’t fix him – this broken doll that Vexen created, imbued with false memories – and she wonders why her ‘gift’ that Marluxia always goes on about only seems to cause trouble for everyone else.


He finds her (this boy Marluxia told her about) and his eyes light up, and she doesn’t deserve it, because all she’s done is torn his memories apart and scattered them asunder—he just doesn’t know it yet.

She doesn’t know what she’ll do when he finds out.


He finds her again at the end (and the beginning) of it all, and he knows now, but he (with all his bravery and kindness) is not angry with her, and she doesn’t understand why.

He tells her that he made a promise and he means to keep it, real or not.

She vows to set things right, and she means to keep her promise, too.


He finds her while she is fixing Sora’s memory—she tells him that Sora was looking for him. Apologizes for the trouble she’s caused.

He smiles and it seems wistful, longing. “I need you to take care of him for me for a little while.”

And she agrees, because somebody has never needed her before.

Title: Fear not the Door that Opens
Author: Kagome
Prompt: 208. Doors
Rating: G
Warnings: angst
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Riku, Sora, Kairi, Axel, Roxas, Naminé, Marluxia. Vague allusions to Axel/Roxas and Riku/Sora (and possibly Marluxia/Naminé)
Word Count: 599
Notes: Transcends KH I, Chain of Memories, and KH II. Winner of Challenge 208 at kh_drabble.


He knows, somewhere inside of himself, that he should be afraid, but he isn’t. The worlds outside of their own have found them, and now is their chance, and he isn’t going to waste it.

He tells Sora not to be afraid—reaches for his hand (we’ll go together), but Sora can’t grasp it, and the Darkness that tickles at his legs and arms takes him, and him alone.

He isn’t afraid. The door has opened.

It’s time to leave.


She thinks she must be dreaming—thinks she sees Riku and Sora, but then both of them are gone, and then there’s more Darkness (she doesn’t like it; she isn’t as brave as they are)… and then just she and Riku are within it, and no, no, no, it wasn’t supposed to be this way; it was supposed to be the three of them.

As if reading her mind, Riku smiles and tells her, “He’ll find us, don’t worry. The door has opened.”

She knows nothing of this ‘door’ he’s talking about—she doesn’t understand.

But she will, and soon.


So much has been said and done (new friendships have been formed and old ones have been tested), and Sora is beyond ready to see the islands again, though Fate seems to have a different plan.

He knows that he promised Riku he would take care of Kairi, but… Kairi is home and is safe now. Sora cannot stay.

The door to Darkness has shut, and Riku and King Mickey are behind it.

He can’t just leave them there.


He gives her shelter, gives her the clothes on her back and the food on her plate and the crayons and pencils and paper that are scattered on her table. He does not give her freedom: he keeps her locked in, and she cannot go elsewhere.

The door opens and shuts and she braces herself—tenses as she feels his fingers in her hair.

“Good evening, precious,” he coos to her (she never knows if it’s daylight or nightfall unless he tells her).

Marluxia can lock her in, but she can never lock him out.


“C’mon, Roxas,” he nearly pleads. “You’ve gotta remember me.”

But they’ve brainwashed him and they’ve put him in this fake Twilight Town, and Roxas’ eyes are vacant—it’s obvious that he does not remember what once was. Doesn’t remember eating sea salt ice cream and watching the sunset.

Axel is standing outside the door, futilely knocking.

His Roxas isn’t home.


He has opened so many doors and has not found Riku behind even one of them. Some days, he wants to give up.

Giving up already? C’mon, Sora—I thought you were stronger than that!

And he keeps moving, because the islands aren’t home to him unless Riku is there too.


Her fingers trace over a door that has long been shut, and she remembers two boys but does not remember their names.

It bothers her.


He remembers sunsets and ice cream too late (that door has slammed shut)—Axel is gone, and now he knows what grief is.

Sora wipes away the tears rolling down his cheeks, realizing belatedly that they aren’t his, but Roxas’.


They cannot keep her locked behind doors now: she is with Kairi, and she knows that this is where she’s belonged, all along.


He thinks they may be stuck on this side of the door forever, but then it opens, and Sora reaches for his hand: “We’ll go together.”

It’s all backwards, but taking that hand feels right.

The door has opened.

And it’s time to go home.
Tags: axelxroxas, chain of memories, drabble, kairi, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, marluxiaxnamine, namine, rikuxsora, roxasxaxel, soraxriku

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