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A Sure Thing - Non-JRock, Tokio Hotel, Tom, Bill (genfic)

Title: A Sure Thing
Author: Kagome
Prompt: #90 – Sword
Warnings: Language, fluff, some lewdness.
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Tom, Bill. Brief not-quite Tom/OFC. Twin Genfic.
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Strike one; strike two; strike three—you’re out.
Comments: What an unusual prompt. XD I think I did okay with it though, and oh how I love writing cutesy twinfic. Written for 100_prompts.

A Sure Thing

She’s pretty enough: long, wavy blonde hair that falls past her shoulders, gorgeous blue eyes, full lips that have been painted pink with some sort of gloss (Tom wonders if it’s watermelon), a nice set of tits, perfect hips, a great ass, and long legs that Tom is certain many guys his age have imagined having around their waists.

So when she smiles and offers him a seat at her booth, he takes it, and buys her a drink.

They talk, and he can tell she’s an intelligent girl—she likes to read and she writes poetry. She likes animals and she has an older sister and a younger brother. She’s nice, too, and she has an amazing smile and a sweet laugh.

He’s almost to the point of contemplating whether he should see if that lipgloss of hers tastes like watermelon when her gaze leaves him and settles on something or someone behind him.

He turns, curious, and finds his brother laughing and talking with Gustav (heaven only knows where Georg has gotten himself off to), and waving around a tiny toy sword that he’d purchased (along with some silly action figure) in one of the supermarkets they’d visited during their tour in America.

Almost immediately, Bill’s eyes catch his own, and his twin smiles and waves at him before feigning stabbing Gustav in the chest with the harmless, tiny piece of plastic (well, harmless unless one was under four years of age, as the warning on the box had said).

Feeling a surge of affection, Tom waves back. Honestly, Bill can be incredibly goofy sometimes, but that doesn’t make Tom love him any less. Goofiness is a good quality, in Tom’s eyes.

“That’s Bill, right?” the girl asks, though there is no need to. Tom can tell by the sound of her voice that she already knows. Hell, everyone knows. They have no anonymity—that left them years ago, when they decided to get into this business.

The blonde girl also sounds unimpressed, which Tom finds to be unusual. Typically, girls aren’t talking about his brother in such a flat, quiet tone of voice. Typically, they’re screeching loud enough to make glass shatter.

“Yes,” Tom answers proudly, watching as Bill knocks back a shot of… something. Tom can’t quite tell from such a distance.

“The two of you don’t look alike at all,” she says, and Tom turns back to her, one eyebrow raised. Not a good thing to say. Strike one.

“As I’m sure you know, we’re identical twins,” Tom replies, voice tightly-controlled. He’s my soulmate.

“Oh, yes.” The blonde nods enthusiastically. “I know—everybody knows. It’s just that… it’s odd, is all. You’d think the two of you would look more alike. You look way better.”

Tom half-smiles, though it isn’t genuine. “You seem to be a flatterer.” He isn’t impressed. What happened to the sweet girl he was talking to a little while ago? The one that wasn’t underhandedly insulting his twin?

Her smile is definitely wider than his. “I only say what’s true. Like… I’ve heard you do back-up vocals, you know? And I even think your voice is better than his. Have you thought of doing lead vocals?”

Strike two.

“No,” Tom answers honestly. “That’s my brother’s job, and I’m not going to try to take his place.”

She is all but beaming now, obviously oblivious. She doesn’t seem very intelligent anymore either. “Oh, that’s too bad,” she tells him with that same smile (which looks silly now). “But it’s really sweet of you, too. The two of you act so different, as well—I bet if anyone made that suggestion to him, he’d look down his nose at them. He has a great voice but he… I dunno. He seems like such a diva. Not at all like you.”

Strike three; you’re out.

His smile is tight, forced. “It’s all an act,” he responds, nearly spitting the words as he stands, insulted enough for both Bill and himself. “Thank you for talking with me.” The words aren’t polite at all, but at this point, he really doesn’t care. He has just enough time to see the confused look on her pretty (but not really pretty—not anymore) face before he turns on his heel and heads toward the booth his twin is occupying. He doesn’t look back.

Bill is alone now, and also sipping at what appears to be Vodka, upon closer inspection. Gustav has probably wandered off to the bar, or something.

He plops down beside Bill, sees the girl glaring daggers at the both of them, and when he smiles at her this time, he means it. She has no place here.

Bill gives him a small poke in the shoulder with the little plastic sword. “What’s the deal with her? You seemed to be getting along well enough to begin with.”

“Yeah, up until she insulted the most important person in my life.” Tom snatches the glass from Bill’s hand – the one that isn’t clutching at that ridiculous toy sword – and takes a drink. His suspicions were correct—it’s Vodka.

“What?” Bill gasps, clearly feigning incredulousness. “She insulted Samy Deluxe? That bitch!”

Tom smirks and rolls his eyes, playing along. “I know.”

“Too bad,” Bill comments, taking his drink back from Tom. “Bet she had her damn thighs spread for you under the table. She was a sure thing.”

“So are you.” As strange as it sounds, Tom knows that Bill will understand.

Bill’s eyes go wide in a very good attempt at surprise, and maybe anyone else would be convinced, but Tom isn’t—not even a tiny bit. “You make me sound like such a whore. I’ll have you know that I have expensive taste, and you better be buying me some damn good drinks before you even think of taking me to the sack, and--”

“You know what I mean, dumbass,” Tom interjects, leaning against Bill’s shoulder. “This. This is a sure thing. And I’d rather be here, anyway.”

There’s real warmth in Bill’s voice as he replies, “I know. Yeah, it is, and I’d rather have you here, too, cos I’m selfish.”

They laugh together, and Tom’s annoyance at that girl melts away, all but forgotten (although he believes he will never forget that she insulted his twin, and he sure as hell won’t ever forgive it). It’s hard to stay angry or upset in Bill’s presence.

He has his little brother: he has his smile and his laugh and his stupid stubbornness and his refusal to be ‘normal’—to always have to go against the grain; he has that twinkle in Bill’s eyes and the comfort of his touch and the beautiful, soothing sound of his voice, and that’s more than enough for him.

It’s everything, really.


Fluffy fluffy fluff. Are you guys getting sick of the fluff yet? XD I hope you enjoyed the randomness of this one—I had so much fun writing it.
Tags: 100 prompts, tokio hotel. billxtom, tomxbill
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