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Next Year, We're Going to the Mountains - Non-JRock, Tokio Hotel, Tom/Bill

Title: Next Year, We’re Going to the Mountains
Author: Kagome
Prompt: #1 – Mellow
Warnings: Fluff, humor, mild language.
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Tom, Bill
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: He has the sun and the sea and the sky, and… a very loud twin, who won’t stop whining.
Notes: Does this count for fluff Friday? XD This is pretty much just gen—cutesy, fluffy stuff. Gotta love the twins. :D Written for 100_prompts.

Next Year, We're Going to the Mountains

It’s quiet here, which is a very nice change from their usual daily routine. Then again, vacations at the beach aren’t really part of their usual daily routine, though he sometimes wishes they were. However, maybe if they were, he wouldn’t be able to appreciate serene moments like this one as much as he currently does. One of those ‘on this hand, and yet, on the other hand’ things, he supposes.

He has the sun and the sea and the sky and the warmth of the sand against his skin and the smell of the ocean. He has the luxury of being completely lazy and he can be himself here, no acts, no need to pretend. He has a good drink (not too sweet, not too tangy), and he has peace and quiet—one of those rare commodities that he thinks must sell on the black market like hotcakes, or something. At least, that’s how it seems to him, sometimes.

He has—

“Tomi,” Bill whines, all but stomping up to him and immediately going off on a tirade about how the sand is too hot and the sun keeps getting into his eyes and his skin is all rough with salt and the tide is coming in too fast and his nails – heaven forbid, his nails - are getting all “messed up” and it has to be something in the air here that’s causing it.

Oh, and he’s thirsty, too, let’s not forget that one. He helps himself to Tom’s alcohol, which is now apparently their alcohol whether Tom likes it or not (not that he minds, really. No. Really). –

So, Tom has the sun and the sea and the sand and the smell of the ocean and the gift of laziness and alcohol and peace and quiet a loud, complaining twin, who’s decided (by the unanimous vote of one) that what is Tom’s is also his, and what is his is his is Tom’s. In other words, Tom’s alcohol is Bill’s and Bill’s misery is Tom’s. Or something like that.

“I put the towel down for you because I knew you would fuss about the sand,” Tom tells his twin matter-of-factly, because yes, he did know beforehand and he came prepared.

Bill scowls down at him. “You didn’t know that I--”

He pauses then, as if thinking better of continuing that sentence, and plops down beside Tom, their shoulders comfortably bumping together. It’s a little bit of familiarity, a little bit of home here with Tom, and Tom has to admit (not out loud to Bill of course) that he’d much rather be here with Bill (all his whining and nagging included) than here without him.

“It’s not bad at all here,” Tom says, leaning more heavily against Bill as he eyes the horizon. “The sun’s nice, and the water is a pretty blue, and the sand feels good once you get used to it. And it doesn’t stink here. It smells nice.”

“Mm,” Bill replies, which might be ‘I don’t give a shit’ shortened to one-word form.

“Nobody’s hounding us,” Tom adds. “We’re here together and nobody’s screaming or fawning over us and nobody’s demanding that we get to work and there are no expectations here. We’re Tom and Bill and nothing more or less than that.”

“… I guess it’s not so bad,” Bill finally responds, and though he still sounds like he’s just sucked on a lemon, Tom sees from the corner of his eye that his twin is smiling.

They fall silent and they watch the waves together, and it’s nice.

Again, Tom has peace and—

“I’m hungry,” Bill gripes after several moments of not-talking, and Tom affectionately rolls his eyes. He would have been stupid to believe that this would have gone any differently.

“Let’s go get something to eat then,” Tom suggests, and Bill readily agrees to this idea.

“We’ll come back when it’s dark,” Bill assures him with a wide smile. “You know, walk up and down the beach.”

Tom nods, and Bill’s fingers brush against his knuckles, and Tom feels calmer – more serene – than he has all day.

He has the sun and the sea and the sky and the warmth of the sand against his skin and—

He doesn’t need any of that.

Here, he can be himself, but he can be himself wherever Bill is, really.

Funny how such things as impromptu vacations can make one have likewise impromptu epiphanies, huh?

Not that he’ll tell Bill. He’s sure Bill doesn’t need to be told because someone’s gotta keep up the tough-guy attitude, and that ‘someone’ obviously isn’t Bill Bill probably (certainly) already knows.

“Maybe I’ve swallowed some of the saltwater,” Tom begins, his mind desperately trying to apply the brakes because it’s pretty damn obvious that his mouth isn’t gonna be doing that, “but it’s kinda nice realizing that we don’t have to go anywhere special just so we can be who we are. I’m able to be myself around you, all the time.”

Bill smiles and then chuckles, lightly tapping Tom on the nose with his index finger. “And you tell me that I’m the sap.”

Tom scowls, insists that ‘Tom Kaulitz’ and ‘sap’ belong nowhere within the vicinity of one another and that it’s just all the damn salty air getting to him and again mentions that he’s possibly swallowed a gallon or two of seawater.

“We’re not going back to the ocean next year,” Tom grumbles as they make their way back to the hotel. “All this salt—it makes you say stupid things and gives you high blood pressure.”

But Bill isn’t buying it. Tom has this impression that Bill is inwardly gloating over his moment of temporary insanity.

He decides (by the unanimous vote of one) that, next year, they’re going to the mountains. Somewhere with snow.

So Bill can get frostbite and die a slow, painful death.

… Okay, maybe not.

But it’s still a thought.


No twincest here. Just the twins being adorable, which I hope you all enjoyed anyway. XD <3333 I had fun writing it, at any rate.
Tags: 100 prompts, billxtom, tokio hotel, tomxbill
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