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Bad Day - Yukido

Title: Bad Day
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yuki/Hyde
Fandom: JRock/ L’Arc~en~Ciel
Theme: #12 – In a Good Mood
Disclaimer: I do not own these men. They do, however, own me. Hyde is a married man. He is not (as far as I know), fucking Yuki behind his wife’s back. Please do not sue. ^_^
Summary: Yuki’s really having a bad day. Hyde decides to put him in a better mood. Bounced ideas off of jinjja and came up with this. Second 30_kisses challenge.

Bad Day

Yuki had never been the type of person to believe that a ‘bad day’ truly existed. Of course, there were bad moments during the day, on some days, but he didn’t believe that an entire day could go utterly, completely wrong.

He did not believe in ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’. He did not believe that the day controlled the person – it was the person who shaped and molded what their day would be like, and they did it all on their own. It was up to the person to have a good day, not up to time itself, or any outside forces. He also believed that if a person woke up in a positive mood, they could most definitely channel their energy into making the day just as positive as their mood.

Therefore, giving Yuki’s beliefs, one would think that Yuki could wake up one morning in a good mood and the rest of his day would go smoothly, right? Nope; not for Yuki, not today.

The morning started off on a sour note. Yuki climbed out of bed in a relatively good mood, having every intention in the world of fixing himself some breakfast. First, he poured too much milk in the pancake batter, and the pancakes wound up being soupy.

Okay, this was something he could deal with. Soupy pancakes did not mean the end of the world.

But then, as he was rummaging around in the drawers trying to find a spatula to turn the pancakes over with, one of the pancakes stuck to the frying pan. The bottom of said pancake was burnt to absolute smithereens, which in turn caused the fire alarm to go off.

The loud noise of the fire alarm startled Yuki, and annoyed him most of all. He made a face and reached for the fire alarm, pushing the button that was meant to turn it off. Nothing happened. He pressed it again. Still nothing.

Finally, he reasonably – well, he thought it was reasonably, anyway – reached a little higher and snatched the offending noisemaker off the wall, ripping the battery out and tossing it across the room.

After eating what he could of his mostly burnt breakfast, Yuki headed back upstairs to get ready to go to band practice. He dug through his sock drawer, trying to find his favorite pair of socks. He found it, and after almost giving shout of victory, he noticed that this particular pair was littered with holes. He sighed and lay the ruined pair aside, reaching for another pair, and wondering why his favorite pair had to be rendered unwearable.

Everything else about the morning was relatively fine. He showered, dressed, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair, all without any incident. He exited his house and climbed into his car, glancing at the clock as he turned the key in the ignition.

He had five minutes to get to band practice. It was a ten-minute drive from his house to the studio. He would be five minutes late. If anyone but Tetsu had’ve been their leader, Yuki wouldn’t have really been worried. But, Tetsu was the type of person who was very punctual, and if he said that band practice would be at nine on Monday morning, he meant nine, and not a minute after.

Cursing to himself and wondering if he would get into a wreck on the way to practice, Yuki pulled out of his driveway and headed for the studio. He almost hoped he would. That way, he knew that the day couldn’t possibly get any worse.

He barely took any notice as the car started making an odd sort of noise, one that he had never heard it make before. It seemed to still be running just fine, however, and Yuki made a mental note to check on it as soon as he got home.

Yuki didn’t get in a wreck on the way to practice, although he almost did. Some idiot had pulled out in front of him, and he had had to slam on the brake in order to avoid running into the driver ahead of him.

Of course, Tetsu wasn’t happy when Yuki finally did make it to the studio. While Yuki leaned against the wall and tried to catch his breath, Tetsu went on and on about responsibility and hefting one’s own weight and how they were professionals who always did things right.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself to explain why you’re almost ten minutes late, Yuki?” Tetsu asked after his long tirade (effectively wasting several minutes which could have been used for practice).

“Bad day,” Yuki replied, brushing past Tetsu and going to sit at the drumset. Hyde glanced back at him, giving him a curious look, and Yuki shrugged.

“Oh, and not to mention that I could’ve gotten killed this morning,” Yuki added, almost as an afterthought. “They really shouldn’t let idiots out on the open road.”

Tetsu released an audible sigh, lifting his bass and putting his fingers in just the correct position. “Well, listen. Just don’t let it happen again, okay?”

Yuki glanced up just as Tetsu turned around. The bassist was flashing him a small, reassuring smile. Yuki smiled back and nodded. From the corner of his eye, he could see Hyde wink at him. He refused to let himself blush.

Ken cuffed him on the back and Yuki glared at him, waving around his drumsticks in what he hoped looked like a threatening matter. Ken waved his hands about in what seemed to be mock surrender. “The day can only get better from now on, right, Yuki? I mean, you’re in here with a bunch of morons… what else could possibly go wrong?”

What else, indeed. Not five minutes later, Yuki was wishing he could somehow use his drumsticks to commit suicide. He had, thus far, missed every single beat. He was almost certain that Tetsu was about to beat him to death with his bass, or maybe Hyde would strangle him with the microphone cord.

Heh. Maybe Hyde was into strangulation.

It was then that Yuki found his thoughts drifting to what Hyde really was into, and that definitely didn’t help his coordination.

“Yuki.” Tetsu turned a deadly glare to him – one that probably would have ripped him in two had looks been able to kill – and Yuki immediately dropped his drumsticks, putting on his best ‘Yes, I am ashamed. Yes, I know I suck today. Pleasepleasepleasepleasedonotkillme’ look.

Tetsu, however, did not take much pity on him. “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH KEN!”


“So,” Hyde began with a smirk, following Yuki outside and to his car. “What’s got you so messed up today, hmm?”

Yuki sighed, rolling his eyes as he unlocked his car. “I already told you I had a bad day.” He put the key in the ignition and placed his foot on the break. He turned the key, which should have started the car. Nothing happened.

“That’s just fucking great,” Yuki grumbled. “I think I should’ve just stayed in bed this morning, you know? Just about every single damn thing that could go wrong has gone wrong! And I suppose my car decided that it would just take me to the studio and not let me get home. This is great.” He let his forehead drop to the steering wheel, almost feeling like crying.

“I could take you home,” Hyde offered, poking Yuki in the side and making him jump.

“You’re in an awfully good mood,” Yuki said, scowling up at him.

Hyde smiled and shrugged a little. “Well, I suppose I’m having a good day, as opposed to your bad day. Now, seriously, let me take you home, okay?”

Yuki turned the key once again, sighing when the engine still refused to turn over. “Don’t suppose I have much of a choice, do I? The car’s not going to budge.”

Hyde pouted at him, and Yuki almost smiled. The look on Hyde’s face was utterly adorable. “You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Hyde said, heading for his own car.

Yuki followed closely after him, then came to a stop in front of the other man’s car. He opened the door and climbed into the passenger’s side, buckling his seatbelt. “It’s not a fate worse than death… you taking me home, I mean.” He reached over, idly patting Hyde’s knee, smiling when Hyde laughed a little.

The drive home was nothing special, although Yuki wished that he could have laughed a little more, smiled a little more. Hyde was in such a good mood and that good mood was being completely wasted on Yuki.

“Thanks for taking me home, Haido-chan,” Yuki said as Hyde came to a stop in his driveway. He unbuckled his seatbelt and pushed his door open, about to climb out when he felt Hyde’s fingers tugging gently at the back of his shirt.

“Not even going to invite me inside, Yuki-chan?” Hyde’s voice was low and teasing, his fingers letting go of Yuki’s shirt and sliding under its folds, dancing upon Yuki’s back, just above the waistband of his jeans.

“Well,” Yuki began, turning and flashing him a small smile. “If you insist…”

“Oh, I insist, all right.” Hyde’s fingers then left his skin as the vocalist switched the ignition off, climbing out of the car as well. “Besides,” he added as they made their way to the front door of Yuki’s house, “I really want to turn this bad day of yours around and put you in a good mood.”

Yuki fished in his pocket for his keys, believing that maybe this day could turn around for the best, after all. “Oh, really? And how do you plan on doing that?”

Hyde’s arms were suddenly around his waist, one hand dropping dangerously low, brushing over the front of his jeans and nearly making him drop his keys.

“Haido-chan!” he exclaimed, unlocking his door and pushing it open with shaking hands. He pulled away from those arms, those hands, and stepped into his house, feeling his face redden. He did, however, remember his manners and stepped back, allowing Hyde to come inside as well. He then shut the door, knowing that Hyde could see him blushing.

“Yuki-chan, you don’t have to be shy with me, you know… not now. Not after what we’ve done.” Hyde leaned closer, their bodies almost, but not quite touching. Yuki’s breath caught in his throat and he felt himself redden even more. Of course, Hyde had a point. After the things they had done in the studio lounge, in the bathroom stalls, in the back of Yuki’s car… Yuki had absolutely nothing to be shy about.

“I know that,” he replied, swallowing hard, wanting to close the distance between his body and Hyde’s. He slowly reached out, snaking an arm around Hyde and pulling him close, their bodies now touching and there was no space between them.

“Mmm, Yuki-chan,” he heard Hyde breathe. “There’s nowhere to run now, right? I’ve got you trapped, ne… or maybe it’s the other way around?” Hyde’s arms were suddenly around his neck, Hyde’s mouth close to his own. But, Hyde didn’t make the first move. Today, he was apparently leaving it up to Yuki to close the distance between their lips.

“Why don’t you just make my day better now, Hyde-chan?” Yuki asked, his grin almost feral. He lowered his head, capturing Hyde’s lips beneath his own. It was Hyde who chose to deepen the kiss, however, his tongue flicking against Yuki’s lips and seeking entrance. Yuki opened his mouth without any sort of resistance, almost moaning as Hyde’s tongue rubbed against his, teasing, tasting.

Hyde kissed with lips and tongue, one moment he was gentle, the next rough and demanding. Yuki could do nothing more than open his mouth to him, giving Hyde what he wanted. “Hyde,” Yuki managed as he broke away from that mouth that he knew he could drown in, “couch, okay?”

The look in Hyde’s eyes alone almost made his legs turn to jelly. “Why, Yuki-chan?” he asked with a devilish grin. “Can’t stand up any longer?” But Hyde was already slowly walking Yuki backwards, his arms still tight around his neck.

Yuki almost sighed in relief when he felt the backs of his legs hit the couch. He sat down gratefully, not quite sure how long his legs would’ve been able to hold him up. Hyde straddled his lap, leaning down for another kiss as he ground his hips against Yuki’s, and Yuki moaned helplessly into his mouth, grasping at Hyde’s hips and wanting him to set a faster rhythm. This was absolutely fucking torture.

“Hyde,” he moaned softly, breaking the kiss, “why do you always--”

The sound of his own zipper being undone made him freeze and completely forget anything he might have wanted to ask. Hyde smiled devilishly at him, undoing the button of his pants and slipping his hand inside, into Yuki’s boxers.

“Ahhh…” Yuki could do nothing but rest his head against the back of the couch and moan as Hyde’s fingers closed around him, running down his entire length almost experimentally. “Fuck…”

“What’s that, Love?” Hyde gazed at him heatedly, stroking the palm of his hand over Yuki’s head. Yuki arched his back, pushing himself against Hyde’s hand and wanting a firmer touch.

Suddenly, Hyde slid off his lap. Yuki almost growled in frustration until Hyde tugged gently, yet urgently, at his pants. “Lift your hips, Yuki-chan, and I’ll make you forget everything else that happened this morning. You won’t be able to think of anything else but my hands on your body, my mouth on your cock… my tongue swirling around you.”

Yuki was rendered absolutely speechless. Wordlessly, he lifted his hips for Hyde, and Hyde quickly tugged off both his pants and boxers, tossing them behind the coffee table. Hyde then ran his tongue up the sensitive underside of Yuki’s cock and Yuki let his breath out in a hiss, one hand moving to Hyde’s long hair and tangling in it, holding onto a fistful of it tightly.

“You want this, don’t you, Yuki-chan?” Hyde asked, licking at Yuki’s slit. “You taste so good, you know that?”

Yuki wordlessly groaned, arching his hips up for more, his fingers tightening their grip on Hyde’s hair ever-so-slightly.

“I bet you want my cock in you too, don’t you?” Hyde slid a hand between Yuki’s thighs, his fingers lightly pressing against his opening as Hyde lowered his mouth. Yuki almost bucked up into that warm wetness as Hyde’s mouth closed around the head of his erection, sucking slowly, softly, making Yuki’s hips arch off the couch.

“God, Haido-chan,” Yuki groaned, “please. Please, go down on me… take more of me in your mouth, take all of me.”

Apparently, those were the words Hyde had been waiting for. He angled his head just so, moving down and taking all of Yuki into his mouth, his tongue teasing at his head. Hyde’s fingers were brushing over his entrance again and again. The combined sensations were almost too much for Yuki to handle.

Before he even knew he was doing it, Yuki began to buck his hips into Hyde’s mouth, and Hyde didn’t seem to mind at all. He took and he took, his head bobbing down and then back up again, sucking on just Yuki’s head before sliding back down to engulf all of him once more.

Hyde’s hand slid upwards and his fingers ran over Yuki’s balls before he cupped them, rubbing his thumb over them slowly. Yuki cried out, feeling his cock throb in Hyde’s mouth. Their eyes met. Yuki gazed into pools of dark brown, his breath catching in his throat at the unhidden desire that he found in those eyes.

Yuki was going to fucking orgasm right then and there.

He tightened his hold on Hyde’s hair and tugged hard, groaning as he tore Hyde’s mouth away from his aching cock. “I want you in me before I orgasm, Haido-chan,” he said, bringing Hyde’s face close to his own and crushing their lips together.

Yuki fed at Hyde’s mouth while Hyde moved to straddle him once more, Yuki’s naked erection brushing against Hyde’s fully-clothed one. Yuki then trailed his hands down, quickly undoing the button on Hyde’s pants and unzipping them, slipping a hand inside and stroking Hyde’s length languidly. “Two can play at this game, Haido-chan. I think you’ve forgotten that,” he said with a smirk as he pulled away from Hyde’s mouth.

“Haven’t forgotten… anything…” Hyde pressed his hips forward, apparently giving up on coherent speaking as he leaned his forehead against Yuki’s shoulder, groaning out a garbled phrase.

“What’s that?” Yuki asked, making sure his voice sounded low, sexy, and teasing. He stroked Hyde’s cock a little firmer, placing soft kisses to Hyde’s neck, every once in a while applying suction to his kisses.

“Stop, stop, Yuki-chan,” he heard Hyde plead. “Stop or this will be over before I’m inside of you.”

“Just repaying the favor,” Yuki replied, giving Hyde’s length a final tug before withdrawing his hand, beginning to tug Hyde’s pants and boxers off his hips.

“Wait, Yuki-chan. Wait.” Hyde stopped his progress, grabbing his wrists and holding onto them tightly. Yuki almost sighed in frustration, but he stopped obediently, looking at Hyde questioningly.

“Lube’s in my left pocket,” Hyde said, grinning devilishly at him. “Wouldn’t want you to forget that, now, would we?”

Yuki could have absolutely melted into the couch at those words. He reached into Hyde’s pocket, grabbing the small tube, making sure to brush his fingers along Hyde’s thigh through the thin material of the pocket as he did so, making the vocalist shiver.

He felt Hyde’s fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt and paused in unscrewing the cap off the lube. Setting the lube beside him, he reached for Hyde’s shirt as well. Hyde lifted his arms for him, and Yuki tugged the article of clothing over his lover’s head, tossing it to the floor. He ran his hands over Hyde’s bare chest, his fingers skittering over Hyde’s nipples. Hyde arched into the touch and Yuki lowered his mouth, taking one of those small nubs between his lips, flicking his tongue out to tease at it before sucking hard.

“Fuck, Yuki-chan,” he heard Hyde moan, “let me finish undoing your shirt!” Hyde’s fingers were then in his hair, tugging insistently. Yuki pulled back with a pout, dropping his hands back down to Hyde’s pants again, tugging both them and the vocalist’s boxers down. Hyde kicked them off, the action seeming almost absent-minded as he finished undoing the last of Yuki’s buttons.

Yuki purposefully pulled Hyde closer, moaning at the feel of the other man’s cock brushing against his own. “Hyde,” he whispered raggedly, reaching for the lube again and squirting a generous amount into the palm of his hand, quickly wrapping his now-slick fingers around Hyde’s shaft, stroking him, coating him with the lube. “I don’t want your fingers in me, not today. I just want you, okay?”

Hyde moaned loudly, clutching at him and arching forward, into his hand. Yuki smiled, tightening his grip, working from the base of Hyde’s cock to the tip, his fingers running slickly over Hyde’s head and Hyde shuddered, pressing closer. Their bare chests brushed together, and that small, simple action was enough to make Yuki hiss softly.

“You think you’ve lubed me up enough yet?” Hyde didn’t seem at all patient. There was a look in his eyes that Yuki simply could not ignore – a heated, too-far-gone look, and Yuki knew that his own eyes mirrored Hyde’s.

Still, he tried to push his need aside in order to tease, just a little more. “I dunno, Love. Do you think I have?” He smiled sweetly, tugging on Hyde’s cock once again.

He heard Hyde gasp, and then: “I think if I were a fucking battleship, I’d be able to fit in there with the amount of lube you’ve put on me.”

Yuki almost laughed. Instead, he pushed Hyde off of him, back against the couch. Ignoring Hyde’s confused look, he maneuvered himself so that he was straddling Hyde. Reaching between them, he grasped Hyde’s cock, positioning himself just so and slowly moving his hips down, watching Hyde’s face as he did so. He slid himself all the way down until Hyde was sheathed within him completely, as deep as he could go. “Nnn… Haido-chan… you’re as big as a battleship.”

Hyde’s only reply was a throaty groan. The look in his eyes was almost too much – it took Yuki’s breath away. Yuki had always enjoyed looking at Hyde’s eyes when they made love – they always spoke so much while Hyde was silent, save for his heavy breathing, quiet moans, and little whimpers. Right now, those eyes were begging for Yuki do more than just sit there.

So, Yuki drew his hips back, moaning as Hyde slid almost all the way out of him. He thrust his hips down again, hissing with sheer pleasure as Hyde thrust up to meet him. “Ohh…” Yuki knew they wouldn’t be able to carry this on for much longer, even though some part of him wished they could draw it out, make it last forever. However, his body wasn’t cooperating, and the way Hyde was looking up at him definitely wasn’t helping. He knew Hyde was just as frantic as he himself was, so what was the point in even trying to forestall the inevitable, really?

Yuki felt slender fingers curl around his aching cock, and he couldn’t help but push against those fingers even as Hyde’s other hand gripped his hip, nails digging into his skin, helping him set a rhythm.

“More, Haido-chan,” Yuki heard himself moan almost mindlessly, obediently quickening his pace, matching Hyde thrust for thrust. The only other noises in the room were the sound of their ragged breaths and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. Hyde’s fingers gripped his erection firmly, his thumb rubbing over the head every now and again, making him shudder. It was all too much. Simply too much.

Beneath Yuki, Hyde shifted, adjusting himself just a little before he dragged Yuki’s hips back down again, thrusting up at the same moment, finding Yuki’s prostate and slamming against it, hard. “Ah, fuck!” Yuki moaned, needing something – anything – to hold onto. He settled for gripping one of the couch’s cushions with one hand, his other hand grasping the back of the couch in a death grip as he thrust maddeningly down, impaling himself further onto Hyde’s cock.

There were no words for the way it felt to have Hyde inside of him, buried so deep. Hyde’s hand continued to pleasure him, stroking from the base to the head, matching the rapid, almost desperate movement of their hips.

“Yuki-chan,” he heard Hyde pant, “I’m so close… so close…”

Yes, he was. Yuki could feel the vocalist’s cock throb every single time Yuki’s muscles clenched around him in even the slightest of ways. “I know,” he whispered raggedly in reply. “I’m close, too, Love. Make me come, ne…”

Those eyes spoke volumes, even as Hyde’s mouth opened, supposedly to speak, but no words issued forth and that mouth closed again. Wordlessly, Hyde thrust his hips upwards once more, and Yuki held his gaze as he did so, even though he had to struggle to do so because the pleasure was simply so overwhelming.

“Kiss me,” Hyde demanded suddenly, even as Yuki felt his own pleasure building, about to be released. Obediently, Yuki lowered his lips to Hyde’s, moaning at the way Hyde’s tongue thrust into his mouth, much in the same way Hyde’s cock was thrusting into him.

Yuki tried his very best to hold himself back, but the combined pleasures of Hyde thrusting into him, Hyde kissing him, and Hyde jerking him off proved to be too much. Yuki cried out against Hyde’s lips as he came, his muscles clamping down around Hyde, making the other man cry out as well. Yuki could feel his cum, wet and sticky as it dribbled over his abdomen and down his thighs, knowing that it was on Hyde’s fingers as well.

Weakly, Yuki thrust down a few more times, trembling as Hyde’s hand continued to stroke his cock, the movement now made slick with his cum. He felt Hyde thrust up into him once, twice more before Hyde cried out again, his body arching even further upwards as he reached orgasm, his release warm as it flooded Yuki’s body.

Yuki slowly unclenched his fingers from their death grip around handfuls of the couch, panting heavily. He shifted, moaning weakly as Hyde slid out of him, and adjusted himself so he could fit comfortably against Hyde’s side, his head resting on Hyde’s chest.

Gradually, their breathing evened out, but as Yuki continued resting his head above Hyde’s heart, it was difficult to tell his own erratic heartbeat from his lover’s. He discovered that he rather liked it that way, however, and smiling, he nuzzled further into Hyde’s warm body.

Yuki then felt Hyde’s arms wrap around him, holding him in a gentle yet fierce embrace. “Love you, you know,” Hyde murmured softly, and Yuki smiled, kissing the place just above Hyde’s heart.

“I know,” he replied, voice barely above a whisper. “I love you, too.”

For a few moments, there was nothing but their steady intakes of breath as they lapsed into a comfortable silence. Then, Yuki heard Hyde clear his throat. “So, you in a better mood now?”

Yuki lifted his head, gazing up at Hyde, becoming fascinated for a moment with the way the sunlight caught in Hyde’s long hair. “I’m definitely in a much better mood,” he said, leaning down and pressing a gentle kiss to Hyde’s lips.

There were no more words between them as Yuki lowered his head to Hyde’s chest once more. They didn’t really need to speak, not right now.

Perhaps today hadn’t turned out to be so bad, after all.

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